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Yakiniku master (CLOSED)

What happens when traditional Korean barbecuing meets Japanese cooking? It happens that a potentially anonymous evening becomes a tasty and fun gastronomic journey. So I found myself at a table in front of a coals to chat with the amiable owner of Korean origin. I honestly want to go back to Yakiniku Master as soon as possible!

As the name of the place suggests, here you eat yakiniku: it is a type of Japanese preparation but also very present in South Korea (called "Korean barbecue") which involves cooking meat, vegetables and / or fish by the diner directly to the table on a hot grill equipped, in theory, with coal. Some places offer yakiniku on electric plates, but here you can find coal: this will give food an exquisite flavor.

The environment is modern, clean and well-kept. There is no strong smell, thanks to the powerful extractor hoods placed above the embers - even when I leave the restaurant I smell food on my clothes. The clientele is 100% Asian and the staff is discreet and very kind.

Perhaps you will feel intimidated by the fact that the restaurant is in a somewhat decentralized area (it is located in Viale Zara) but let me say that you eat so well that you will put aside any listlessness. Furthermore, Yakiniku Master works a lot with home service. In my opinion, however, it is much better to go to the restaurant and have fun in company by grilling one's dinner.

The menu is vast and honestly, as already said, I can't wait to go back to try everything I didn't eat the first time!

Lovers of Japanese and Korean cuisine will not be disappointed because there is really something for all tastes, both in terms of offer and prices.

There is beef (try the marinated beef fillet - in pure Korean style, you must lick your mustache; for wagyu instead remember to order it), lamb, pork (including the Iberian black pig and the famous pork belly, to be eaten strictly as a roll in fresh lettuce leaf) and chicken.

Surprisingly, you will also find several portions of fish (I loved the oyster with garlic).

There are many dishes that you can choose to accompany your barbecue: you go from Japanese ramen to Korean noodles (there are also cold, spectacular ones), passing through different rice dishes (fried rice with kimchi is perhaps the best eaten throughout Milan) and different qualities of vegetables - including of course the delicious and very spicy kimchi that goes perfectly with any cut of meat.

If all this were not enough, know that it is also possible to find the Japanese hotpot (nabemono) and several Korean soups.

There is also a wide choice of beverages: Japanese, Korean and Italian beers, white wines, classic and fruit soju, tea, soy or coconut milk and numerous soft drinks.

Yakiniku master cookingwiththehamster
Marinated beef fillet | © Cookingwiththehamster
Yakiniku Master cookingwiththehamster
Beef fillet | © Cookingwiththehamster
Yakiniku Master cookingwiththehamster
Kimchi fried rice | © Cookingwiththehamster
Yakiniku Master cookingwiththehamster
Asparagus with special sauce | © Cookingwiththehamster
Yakiniku Master cookingwiththehamster
Tteokbokki with soy sauce | © Cookingwiththehamster
Yakiniku Master cookingwiththehamster
Oyster with garlic | © Cookingwiththehamster


📍 Viale Zara 61, Milan

📞 +39 02 4950 0279

💰 $$$

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