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Xmas present ideas / 2020

Libri / Books


If your desire is to give a good book as a gift, then I can only recommend Tanabata Liberia giapponese.

For years it has been a point of reference in Milan: a small and delightful shop full of books of all kinds, some unobtainable and many in the original language, but also various Japanese objects such as home accessories and gadgets.


📍 Via Adige 7, Milan

📞 +39 02 546 3980

💰 $$$

Tanabata  Cookingwiththehamster
Tanabata | © Cookingwiththehamster

Cibo / Food


There are really many shops that sell Asian foods online and ship all over Italy (find the list here), but among all I indicate Oishii Planet for the care of the packaging, the speed of delivery as well as the communication with the shopkeepers.

At Oishii Planet you will find Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Thai ingredients, but also everything you need to prepare Taiwanese bubble tea and cooking utensils. In short, if you want to make someone happy with a nice box full of delicious ingredients, this is the right site for you.

Last but not least the 10% discount code HAMSTER10 on everything.

Enoteca / Wine shop


During the holidays there is conviviality: eating and drinking well are a must, especially after a difficult year like this one. Antidoto (a name, a reason) comes to this effect, offering a wide choice of excellent quality products in the online store. Not only wines, but also Japanese sake and whiskey, to make party days and evenings unique and decidedly pleasant.


📍 Via Ennio 6, Milan

📞 +39 02 3594 2807

💰 $$$

Antidoto Cookingwiththehamster
Antidoto | © Cookingwiththehamster

Oggettistica / Objects


In my opinion, one of the most fascinating and sophisticated shops in the city in terms of generic Japanese items is, without a shadow of a doubt, Sakurasan.

Here the refinement of the objects, the manufacturing and the good taste are of the highest level, but with an attention to every type of budget. In the online store you will find items for any occasion, from the tea ceremony, to home furnishings, through clothing and various accessories.

If you want to impress with a very nice gift, this is the place.


📍 Viale Lazio 6, Milan

📞 +39 02 551 6745

💰 $$$

Sakurasan Cookingwiththehamster
Sakurasan | © Cookingwiththehamster



Soul4Skin is the mecca for skincare enthusiasts: no joke, here you will find only the best of the best of Korean cosmetics carefully selected with the plus of a consultancy tailored to the needs of your skin.

There are many stores of this type online, but in my opinion Soul4Skin is what really makes the difference, especially in Italy.

Just in conjunction with the Christmas period, important news have been added in the store. First of all, new patches masks with flower extracts (sunflower, rose, tulip, and chamomile) applicable both on the face and on the body, but also with milk and honey, specific for the lips (super nourishing chocolate/banana flavor), for the eyes deflating and soothing centella, and for the neck in the shape of a round of pearls.

Among the new upcoming brands Purito, Pyunkang Yul and Toun28.


📍 Via Rosolino Pilo 12, Milan

📞 +39 02 3668 5448

💰 $$$

Soul4Skin Cookingwiththehamster
Soul4Skin | © Soul4Skin
Soul4Skin Cookingwiththehamster
Soul4Skin | © Soul4Skin
Soul4Skin  Cookingwiththehamster
Soul4Skin | © Soul4Skin
Soul4Skin  Cookingwiththehamster
Soul4Skin | © Soul4Skin

Tè / Tea


Among my absolute favorite tea shops in Milan stands Giusmìn Tea Lab, a small hidden laboratory full of enchanting blends. Let yourself be enchanted by the extravagant names that bring the blends, they are nothing short of fabulous!

For Christmas time, Giusmìn not only organizes the shipment of products throughout Italy (as always) directly from the online store, but also special 25 € boxes containing Rossetto & Cioccolato (black tea with raspberry and cocoa bean), Sunny (green tea with grapefruit, with pumpkin and carrot flakes) and Respiro (balsamic herbal tea with apple, eucalyptus and ginger). All blends are contained in special 80gr freshness-saving bags.


📍 Via Achille Maiocchi 15, Milan

📞 +39 351 699 3471

💰 $$$

Giusmìn Cookingwiththehamster
Giusmìn | © Cookingwiththehamster


Teacup is a very recent opening in Milan, very extravagant and perfect for tea lovers. Not just a shop, but also a tea room, where the products are all of excellent quality and expertly selected, as well as for the delicious sweets, handcrafted and using the same tea that you will find in the shop.

For Christmas Teacup offers delicious baskets for all budgets (from € 20, € 30 and € 50) containing tea, chocolate, sweets and jam.


📍 Via Caminadella 18, Milan

📞 +39 349 007 8853

💰 $$

TeaCup Cookingwiththehamster
TeaCup | © Cookingwiththehamster

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