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Vegetarian ramen

There are several versions of vegetarian ramen, since in fact there is no real recipe. Everyone inserts the type of vegetables they want and the same goes for the broth, which comes from the inspiration of those who prepare it.

The recipe I propose here is the one I usually make. You can obviously change the vegetables with the ones you prefer.

I advise you to prepare the flavored oil a day in advance: let it rest in the refrigerator overnight with all the ingredients inside. The result will be distinctly different.


- vegetable oil

- 2 whole spring onions

- crushed garlic

- sliced ​​fresh ginger


- Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and let them fry over low heat for about ten minutes.

- Allow to cool completely to room temperature.

- Before use, filter the oil with a sieve.


- 1 serving of ramen noodles

- 1 ajitama

- flavored oil

- 1 tablespoon miso (I used red miso)

- 1 shiitake mushroom

- 1 sachet of granular dashi (or fresh dashi broth)

- 1 handful of blanched fresh bean sprouts

- 1/2 of oven-roasted pumpkin

- 1 floret of blanched broccoli

- 2 pieces of solid tofu

- 1 tablespoon of corn

- 1 piece of leek (white part finely cut lengthwise)

- shichimi togarashi (to taste)


- Prepare the broth by bringing the water in a pot to boil along with the shiitake mushroom and the granular dashi.

- Dissolve the miso in the broth and let it cook for a couple of minutes. Turn off the heat and keep aside warm.

- Cook the noodles. Drain and cool them under fresh running water. Drain them again and place them in the serving bowl.

- Pour the hot broth over the noodles and garnish with soy sprouts, roasted pumpkin into pieces, broccoli, corn, tofu and leek.

- Sprinkle with shichimi togarashi as desired and serve immediately hot.

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Vegetarian ramen | © Cookingwiththehamster

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