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The best K-dramas on Netflix

The best K-dramas on Netflix. Or at least, my favourites.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

이상한 변호사 우영우

Yoo In-shik (2022)

The series follows the stories of the brilliant new law graduate Woo Young-woo. The girl is on the autism spectrum and this leads her to have to manage numerous situations depending on the cases being analyzed at the law firm where she works.

It is a brilliant and courageous series, which brings to the fore countless social issues of South Korea with authenticity, without false morality and with a great touch of humor that makes it truly enjoyable.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo cookingwiththehamster
Extraordinary Attorney Woo | ©



Kim Cheol-kyu (2023)

Ah-ri is a once rich girl who finds herself selling cosmetics door to door. One day she meets an old friend of hers, now a famous influencer, and since then she decides to be part of the world of social networks, between sponsorships, sales and the many dark sides of media fame.

A very raw drama with multiple insights into the lives of famous people, very often, "for being famous".

Celebrity cookingwiththehamster
Celebrity |



Lee Hyeong-Min (2019)

This story begins in Wando, a characteristic seaside town. Here two children meet: Moon Cha-young, son of the owner of the Bada restaurant, gives food to Lee Kang. They promise to meet but this will not be possible: in different ways the two protagonists will be involved in the collapse of a shopping center (a dramatic event that really happened in Seoul in 1995, Sampoong Shopping Center) that will forever mark their lives.

The memory of the excellent food eaten at an early age will push Lee Kang to become a chef.

chocolate cookingwiththehamster
Chocolate | ©

Crash landing on you

사랑의 불시착

Lee Jeong-hyo (2020)

The rich and famous South Korean heiress Yoon Se-ri accidentally ends up in North Korea. Here she meets the young officer Ri Jeong-hyuk. Love strikes between the two, but to be together they have to face countless challenges and vicissitudes.

This is my all-time favorite drama: a glimpse into North Korean life as it has never been shown in a drama so far and a compelling and entertaining love story. To watch and re-watch.

Crash landing on you cookingwiththehamster
Crash landing on you | ©

Itaewon Class

이태원 클라쓰

Kim Sung-yoon (2020)

Park Sae-ro-yi was expelled from school after beating up a bully and losing his father. After serving his sentence in prison, he decides to follow in the footsteps of the latter, opening the DanBam, a place located in the Itaewon district.

The protagonist will find himself, together with his friends and colleagues, having to face the complexities of contemporary society (such as racism and class struggle), fighting the Jang family, responsible for the death of his father and owner of the most famous restaurant in South Korea.

Itaewon Class cookingwiththehamster
Itaewon Class | ©

Love Alarm

좋아하면 울리는

Lee Na-jung (2019)

Love Alarm is an incredibly successful smartphone app all over the world: thanks to it, people can find that who reciprocates their feelings within 10 meters.

Jo-jo and Hwang Sun-oh find out that they have feelings for each other thanks to Love Alarm. They decide to start their relationship without the help of technology but things are not that simple, especially when iLee Hee-young, best friend of Hwang Sun-oh, is in love with the girl.

This K-drama is inspired by Chon Kye-Young's Webtoo. It is also particularly interesting because it deals with important and controversial issues such as the abuse of the use of social networks, homosexuality and suicide.

love alarm cookingwiththehamster
Love Alarm | ©

Mask Girl


Kim Young-hoon (2023)

Kim Mo-mi is an insecure employee because of her looks who, overnight, gets admiration from many fans when she performs as an online cam girl wearing a mask. A series of terrible events will drag her into an abyss.

Mask Girl is one of the most beautiful K-dramas she's ever seen: fierce, pressing, tragic, deep and with a very interesting soundtrack.

Celebrity cookingwiththehamster
Celebrity |

My Holo Love

나 홀로 그대

Lee Sang-yeop (2020)

The protagonist is Han So-yeon, a girl who suffers from prosopagnosia: she cannot recognize the general features of people's faces. As time passes Han So-yeon faces her fears thanks to Holo, an artificial intelligence that through a hyper-realistic hologram has the appearance of its creator, Go Nan-do: he falls in love with the girl but fails to declare himself because of his incredible shyness.

My Holo Love is an interesting sci-fi K-drama that poses numerous ethical dilemmas regarding humans and technology and loneliness.

my holo love cookingwiththehamster
My Holo Love | ©

One spring night


Ahn Pan-seok (2019)

Lee Jung-in is a librarian, fiancée and future wife of banker Kwon Ki-seok. He was a colleague of the pharmacist Yoo Ji-ho at the university, in love with the girl. A practically impossible love but that continues to grow, despite the official engagement and the interference of her family.

One spring night cookingwiththehamster
One spring night | ©

Romance is a bonus book

로맨스는 별책부록

Lee Jeong-hyo (2019)

Kang Dan-i is a single mother who decides to return to work after many years. In the meantime, the world of work has changed dramatically and she is 37 years old. Things are therefore extremely difficult. He decides to forge his resume and manages to get hired in a publishing house. Cha Eun-ho is not only the editor-in-chief but he is also in love with her, even though she has always seen him as a great friend.

romance is a bonus book cookingwiththehamster
Romance is a bonus book | ©

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung

신입사관 구해령

Sohn Hyung-suk (2019)

Historical K-drama set at the time of the Joseon dynasty stars the courageous and studious young girl Goo Hae-ryung. The girl manages to enter the court, where she can do a job as a historian. Here he will meet Prince Yi Rim and they fall in love.

An epic story, which deals with discrimination of gender, social background but also of oppression and rivalry.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung cookingwithtehamster
Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung | ©

Something in the rain

밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나

Ahn Pan-seok (2018)

Jin-ah is a supervisor of the Coffee Bay chain (which really exists in South Korea) and Joon-hee is a video game developer. Despite mutual love, the age difference creates great problems in the couple (she is older than him).

Very interesting is the story carried out in the background that sees one of the female characters having to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace.

A K-drama not at all obvious.

Something in the  rain cookingwiththehamster
Something in the rain | ©

When the camellia blooms

동백꽃 필 무렵

Cha Yeong-hoon (2019)

This K-drama takes place in the fictional village of Ongsan, far from the great futuristic metropolis Seoul and what characterizes it. It is the ideal place to discover an almost rural South Korean lifestyle, dotted with village women, rumors and local customs and traditions.

Dong-baek is a single mother who, arriving in Ongsan, decides to open a night tavern called Camellia. The policeman Hwang Yong-Sik falls in love with her and does everything to show her his love. Suddenly appears on the scene the famous baseball player Kang Jong-Ryeol, her ex-boyfriend and father of the child.

Will Dong-baek choose the economic security represented by Kang Jong-Ryeol or the love of Hwang Yong-Sik? Perhaps she could choose to rely on her strength alone, as she has always done in life as a single mother.

When the Camellia blooms cookingwiththehamster
When the Camellia blooms | ©

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