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Tenoha Ramen

For all ramen lovers, for those who already know Tenoha in Milan and especially for those unfamiliar with these realities, in via Vigevano 20, a few steps from the Navigli, there is Tenoha Ramen: a small and cozy ramen bar whose fast formula will make you feel in Japan.

Opened in April 2018, Tenoha Ramen concerns the food part, more specifically the ramen — as the title suggests. In fact, at number 18 there is Tenoha, a large architectural revaluation complex where you can buy Asian design objects, work, have a snack or have a drink. This is the Italian opening of the famous Tenoha Daikanyama (located in Shibuya, Tokyo), opened in 2014 with the idea of ​​bringing Italian cuisine to Japan. At Tenoha Ramen the opposite is true: here is the mission to bring the flavors of the Rising Sun to Italy, to Milan. On a cold autumn evening, I decided to eat here all alone. But the hospitality of the staff was not lacking and I felt pampered as never before. The restaurant is very simple but nice: upstairs there are small tables for one or two people, on the ground floor there are two large tables that can accommodate up to ten customers each. This choice, quite trivial, is the most common in Japan: it is in fact customary to eat in ramen bars taking place next to perfect strangers. The consumption of ramen always happens rather quickly, because customers are often employed or passing people who eat a hot steaming bowl on the fly and then return to the office or take the train home in the evening. Tenoha Ramen, among other things, is just a short walk from Porta Genova Station and the respective underground stop! But if you think that eating quickly in front of perfect strangers is a cause for embarrassment, I must deny you. Shortly after taking place on my stool, I got to know some very nice guys who sat in front of me shortly after. The evening immediately took a positive turn, we had a lot of fun, discussing Japan and Asian cuisine. Chef Takao Itakura, of extreme kindness and humility, served me ramen at the table with his hands and entertained himself in a brief but amiable conversation:

am originally from Shiba, but have lived in Italy for thirteen years. I have always cooked my own recipes at Tenoha. The ramen I make is made with fresh ingredients. The pasta is made with a special kneading machine imported from Japan, the only one in Italy.

Tenoha Ramen is also open for lunch, with the proposal of sets that include beverage and a small appetizer that serves as a side dish. At dinner the menu is more varied. As appetizers there are: edamame, ni tamago (marinated hard-boiled egg served with bean sprouts and sweet and sour sauce), karaage (marinated fried chicken with soy sauce, sake and oyster sauce), yaki and age gyoza, tofu salad. There are rice-based bowls: chasu don (with braised pork, marinated egg, spinach and sweet and sour sauce) and karaage don). A separate list concerns “poké-don”: avocado salmon, spicy poké (with pork ragout), tori poké (with chicken breast) and vegetarian poké.

The ramen, with fresh homemade noodles and very light broths, includes: chashu ramen (soy-based chicken broth served with five slices of braised pork, marinated egg, spinach, spicy bamboo, spring onions, nori seaweed and soy sprouts ), shoyu ramen (soy-based chicken broth served with a slice of braised pork, spinach, marinated egg, spicy bamboo, spring onions, nori seaweed and bean sprouts), kodawari miso ramen (miso chicken broth served with a slice of braised pork, marinated egg, spinach, spicy bamboo, nori seaweed, bean sprouts and spring onions dressed with oyster sauce, chilli pepper oil, sesame oil, sesame pesto and butter), miso ramen (chicken broth with miso , chopped braised pork, marinated egg, spinach, spring onions, carrots and nori seaweed) and spicy miso ramen.

There is also the mazesoba, served without broth with braised pork, marinated egg, wake seaweed, tomatoes and bean sprouts. You can also add extra toppings (noodles, tamago ni, vegetables and chicken).

For those who do not eat meat, the menu includes a vegetarian choice based on vegan noodles handmade by the chef, vegetable broth with sesame pesto and soy milk, fried tofu, spicy bamboo, spring onion and fried sweet potatoes. The dessert menu includes hojicha panna cotta, matcha tiramisu and mochi with azuki. As far as beverage is concerned, it is possible to order soft drinks, Japanese craft beers, Italian wines both from the glass and the bottle, sake, shochu and Japanese liqueurs (umeshu and Yuzushu Kozaemon).

Tenoha ramen cookingwiththehamster
Gyoza | © Cookingwiththehamster
Tenoha ramen cookingwiththehamster
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🌎 📍 Via Vigevano 20, Milan 📞 02 8339 0042 💰 $$

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