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In the Navigli area, in Via Vigevano 18, there is a huge former industrial building used as a concept store, restaurant, garden, co-working area and exhibition space. It’s Tenoha.

After opening in Shibuya, Tokyo, Tenoha also arrives in Italy in Milan. The name literally means “leaf-shaped hand”. As anticipated, it is a huge multifunctional space in pure oriental minimalist style where you can buy, eat, work and relax. At the entrance there is the concept store where you can buy design objects for cooking, for body care, for the office, furniture, books and clothes. Then continue to the restaurant area, from which you can access the co-working room and the outdoor garden, very pleasant.

Inside the restaurant area there is a very special space, which combines contemporary and traditional Japanese design. All around there are the seating and the bar area. The chef, Sawayama, is Japanese. His mission is to research and rework the dishes of Japanese tradition and street food. He always uses fresh and seasonal ingredients, which is why the menu changes regularly. For breakfast, centrifuges and juices are served, as well as tea, coffee (Bandolfi coffee), matcha and ginseng. You can also opt for the Ohayo set, which includes a slice of cake of the day accompanied by coffee or cappuccino. For lunch there are interesting proposals for “lunch sets” and various appetizers, including nigiri with Chianina, tartare, karaage, hiyayakko and numerous deserts. There’s also the aperitif: Tenoha offers an exquisitely oriental drink list (Wasabisawa, Matsukaze, Jappo Gintò), Japanese beer and saké. Dinner proposals are more complex and served with a contemporary presentation. Among the various proposals: uramaki, sashimi, ebiten, maguro zukedon, kaisen don, tendon, wafu steak, tonkatsu, hiyashi udon, tsukeudon. Among the desserts, however, matcha tiramisù, matcha pafè, matcha soft cream, hojicha pannacotta and marugoto melon.

Tenoha cookingwiththehamster
Sakura Velvet | © Cookingwiththehamster
Tenoha cookingwiththehamster
Wagyu set | © Cookingwiththehamster
Tenoha cookingwiththehamster
Aperitif set | © Cookingwiththehamster

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