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Stefania Viti: the writer of Japanese gastronomic culture

Few people in Italy have been able to tell Japan so well through the culture of food as Stefania Viti, author of numerous volumes on the gastronomic specialties of the Rising Sun.

Its clear and accessible style has allowed many people over time to get to know and approach Japanese cuisine, even for the first time: her great value is above all that of being able to combine historical, mythological and cinematographic references together with recipes and traditions in a series of compelling books. With great passion and humility, Stefania Viti has also given a face to the "experts" that is chefs, cooks, photographers, journalists and food critics, allowing us to immerse ourselves in a very distant culture. More or less known professionals who in the last fifteen years have made it possible to act as a bridge between Italy and Japan.

Today talking about Japanese food is very simple as it is now part of our daily life. In Italy, however, especially before Expo 2015, Japanese gastronomy was the prerogative of a few connoisseurs, of a niche of enthusiasts.

Stefania Viti is the writer who took Italy by the hand and led it into the most fascinating meanders of the Rising Sun, allowing it to be understood, to make it more accessible and even replicable at home thanks to recipes and advice.

Stefania Viti Alberto Moro
Stefania Viti | © Alberto Moro

Stefania Viti's knowledge of Japan is very deep: after graduating at Ca 'Foscari in Venice in Japanese Language and Literature, she lived for ten years in Tokyo. She is a professional journalist, press office communication consultant and PR for Italian-Japanese companies, today she lives and works in Milan.

In 2016 she received the Umberto Agnelli Award for Journalism, awarded by the Italy-Japan Foundation. Over the years, her articles have been published by numerous newspapers, including La Repubblica, L'Espresso, GQ, Casa Vogue, Vanity Fair, The Japan Times.

To stay up to date on his publications, visit her website.

Il sushi


Il sushi Stefania Viti
Il sushi | © Stefania Viti

Book made to accompany the DVD of the documentary published by Feltrinelli by David Gelb Jiro and the art of sushi, starring the most known and acclaimed itamae in the world.

This volume introduces Japanese culinary cuisine together with the various types of sushi, its history and origin. There is also an interview with the president of the Italian Association of Japanese Restaurateurs.

L'arte del sushi


L'arte del sushi Stefania Viti
L'arte del sushi | © Stefania Viti

Extended version compared to the 2013 publication, this book does not contain recipes but rather valuable contributions from chefs, experts in Japanese culture including food and wine critics and journalists.

Il sushi tradizionale


Il sushi tradizionale Stefania Viti
Il sushi tradizionale | © Stefania Viti

Conclusion of the author's sushi trilogy. This volume was produced with the participation of master Shiro Hirazawa, best known for his Poporoya food restaurant - the first sushi-ya opened in Italy. Inside there are 50 recipes of the itamae.

Il libro del ramen


Il libro del ramen Stefania Viti
Il libro del ramen | © Stefania Viti

Real manual on one of the most known and appreciated Japanese dishes all over the world: ramen. This book contains anecdotes, history, culture and 30 recipes to make the many variations of this dish at home. The Japanese journalist Miciyo Yamada, Ramen Misoya and Luca Catalfamo owner of Casa Ramen and Casa Ramen Super participated in the drafting.

Il libro del sake e degli spiriti giapponesi


Il libro del sake e degli spiriti giapponesi Stefania Viti
Il libro del sake e degli spiriti giapponesi | © Stefania Viti

This book is just perfect for learning about the history and culture of sake. The famous Japanese alcohol is slowly taking hold in Italy, however today there is still a lot of confusion about it: Stefania Viti explains in a simple way through technical sheets, literary and historical references all there is to know about this fascinating alcohol. There are also drinking tips, cocktail recipes, interviews and insights into other Japanese spirits: beers, whiskey, shōchū, awamori and various spirits.

La cucina popolare e i matsuri del Giappone


La cucina popolare e i matsuri del Giappone Stefania Viti
La cucina popolare e i matsuri del Giappone | © Stefania Viti

A delightful and colorful book to discover traditional festivals and the world of yatai, street food stalls. An emotional reading to discover popular and homemade recipes (such as yakisoba, okonomiyaki and onigiri) thanks to the participation and replicable recipes from Maido!, Gastronomia Yamamoto, Umami and Sagami.

Tè e dolci del Giappone


Tè e dolci del Giappone Stefania Viti
Tè e dolci del Giappone | © Stefania Viti

A book as sophisticated and elegant as the history of Japanese tea, which has become a cultural phenomenon all over the world. Its roots date back to ancient China, today as yesterday it is a philosophical and cultural universe, whose dictates are enclosed in a rigid ceremonial system.

As per tradition, in Japan tea is accompanied by a dessert: in this volume the various wagashi (traditional Japanese desserts, such as ichigo daifuku) and yogashi (western desserts revisited in a Japanese key, such as matcha tiramisu) are presented. thanks to the contributions and recipes of Hiromi cake and Basara sushi pasticceria.



Nōto Stefania Viti
Nōto | © Stefania Viti

More than a book, this is an intimate travel diary: insights into Japanese culture are interspersed with blank pages where you can take notes. At the end of a series of books all dedicated to the world of the Rising Sun, now all that remains is to set off to discover this wonderful country: this notebook is perfect as a gift or for yourself, to take with you.

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