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Kim Eunyoung (Giulia Kim, for Italian people), mind and advocate, opened Seoul restaurant with her husband Ruggero during March 2016. It is placed at Corso Cristoforo Colombo 4, Milan.

I went to Seoul restaurant for the first time a lot of time ago. I keep going there not only for the delicious and traditional food, but also because I really enjoy the atmosphere. Ruggero is really a landlord: he stops and your table, discribing precisely all the plates, giving the right advice for the beverage in order to give you the best Korean food experience. Kim Eunyoung is the creative mind, chef of this restaurant. Her way of cooking is vibrant, extremely respectful and traditionalist.

What distinguishes Seoul from many other Korean restaurants in the Milanese panorama is the lively desire to present authentic proposals of South Korea, through ingredients of the highest quality, faithfully following the style of the province of Jeonlado.

And just talking about quality products, I can not speak of the high standard that the chef has set about the meat, choosing the excellent Irish beef and the bacon from Emilia Romagna.

The menu is quite wide and varied and traces the tradition in its entirety. The flavors are well balanced, not overly spicy: this is one of the reasons why Seoul is also loved by many Italians. Here you can also choose from a variety of soju drinks, so as to make the meal as complete and authentic as possible. Personally, I consider the soups (Jji Gae) very good but also the sweet potato noodles (Jap-Chae), rich in seasoning but with a delicate flavour.

Spending a dinner from Seoul is like feeling at home: it is a restaurant suitable for any occasion, with excellent value for money.

The difference, however, makes the room: in addition to the one immediately at the entrance, there is another really sad and poorly cared for rear. If they make you sit there, you will feel in a company canteen or worse, in a school canteen.

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🌎 📍 Corso Cristoforo Colombo 4, Milan 📞 02 837 2130 💰 $$

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