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Ravioleria Sarpi

At Via Paolo Sarpi 27 in Milan there is a booth of just 15 square meters that bears the name of the street where it is located. The customers can’t access it, they can only order and eat on the street. In 2017 Gambero Rosso’s street food guide awarded it the best street food in Lombardy. This is the Ravioleria Sarpi.

Hujian Zouh Agie is a Chinese boy with a degree in Bocconi. He would like to open a cashmere shop so he contacts Walter Sirtori, owner of the historic butcher’s shop of Via Paolo Sarpi. He asks him to rent the place next to the butcher’s shop, so he can sell clothes. But just as they discuss this project, Agie also thinks about the possibility of opening a small shop that sells traditional homemade dumplings, like those sold in his native land, Zehjiang. The two soon go into business and so they open the Ravioleria. The butcher’s shop is next door and, although two worlds stand still, signs and signs indicate that the small shop supplies the best meats of Sirtori butcher.

The Sirtori butcher’s shop is one of the most renowned in Milan. Opened in 1931, it was the first in Italy to enter into a direct contract with the farms of Piedmont and the Padana Plain. In fact, the products used by Ravioleria are of the highest quality, as evidenced by the numerous signs: the organic flours are from the Sobrino Mill (without additives and bleaching), the eggs of ground-raised hens are from the Moneta Farm and the leeks come from Cervere, in the province of Cuneo. The kitchen is on view, many customers in fact stop to look and photograph the preparation process. The dumplings and crepes are currently made by the three Chinese helpers from Dongbei, northeast China. And speaking of crepes, these are a classic dish of imperial cuisine, Jian Xiang, brought for the first time to Italy by Ravioleria Sarpi. Dumplings can be made with beef, pork or vegetarians. The crepes are meat or also vegetarian. You can also buy raw dumplings to cook at home with boiling water and also soft drinks.

Summing up, in my opinion the dumplings have a decidedly too thick dough that almost always remains a bit raw in the center. A defect certainly to be improved ...

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🌎 📍 Via Paolo Sarpi 27, Milan 📞 331 887 0596 💰 $

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