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Ramen Misoya

A few steps from the heart of Brera there is a nice and elegant ramen bar in via Solferino 41. It is Ramen Misoya, the first Italian opening of one of the many lucky ramen bars present all over the world.

In Milan it opened its doors in December 2016 and the proposed ramen was immediately very successful. It is the first restaurant in the chain to appear in Europe after more than 100 locations spread across Japan, Thailand, the United States and Canada — the New York and Montreal venues, among others, have appeared in the Michelin Guide. Here, as is easy to see, the main ingredient is miso. It is the famous soybean paste obtained from the fermentation of the same with salt, cereals and koji (the Aspergillus Oryza mushroom). It is a common product in many traditional Japanese recipes, created in the 1960s in Sapporo, the main city of Hokkaido (the huge island in the cold north of Japan). Right here the cold temperatures mean that there is a need to eat a ramen with a thicker and fuller broth and it is not by chance that miso ramen is typical of this area. At Ramen Misoya it is therefore possible to taste both the most common Tokyo ramen, with a lighter and delicate taste, but obviously also the miso ramen of Hokkaido, tasty and dense. The proposed ramen recipes are the work of Tokyo chef Kenji Kuono, who constantly supervises all the chain’s premises to control quality standards. Excellence that can be found also and above all in the raw material, since the miso is imported directly from Japan.

The ramen proposed here presents a common base of fermented soybean paste (miso), a soup based on seaweed, chicken and pork, topping of minced pork, soy sprouts and spring onions. Then you can choose between the Hokkaido and the Tokyo recipe. To top off the ramen you can add extra toppings: homemade chashu slices, marinated egg with miso, noodles, naruto, nori seaweed, menma and spicy miso sauce. There is also the possibility of choosing vegetarian ramen (made with miso broth and kelp — a type of seaweed, noodles, bamboo shoots, corn, cabbage and carrots), goma miso soba (noodles with coma miso sauce, minced meat with miso, marinated peppers, mushrooms and rocket), yakisoba, miso tan tan ramen and goma miso hiyashi (both of the latter two in a cold version).

There are also some appetizers: edamame, hiyayakko goma miso (raw tofu with sesame miso sauce), takoyaki, gyoza (both meat and vegetable) and karaage. The dessert menu includes matcha ice cream, dorayaki with cream and matcha, yuzu sorbet and ice cream-filled mochi. The beverage card is certainly interesting: in fact, there is the Highball, widespread drink in Japan and here only recognized by Suntory. There are cocktails (including those based on Midori, Umeshu and Calpis), Japanese beer, Italian wines, soft drinks, Japanese gin, shochu and sake.

📍 Via Solferino 41, Milan 📞 02 8352 1945 💰 $$

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Ramen Misoya cookingwiththehamster
Hokkaido ramen | © Cookingwiththehamster
Ramen Misoya cookingwiththehamster
Tokyo ramen | © Cookingwiththehamster
Ramen Misoya cookingwiththehamster
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Ramen Misoya cookingwiththehamster
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