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Parigi Dolci

In China Town area, at via Messina 20, there is a colorful and trendy Chinese pastry: called Parigi Dolci and it is a blaze of desserts with captivating shapes.

I discovered Paris Dolci thanks to the photographs found on Instagram published by Chinese girls. Intrigued, I ran to try this pastry that, from the colors and shapes of the sweets, brought me back to Asia.

Although the name may suggest a French pastry, in reality it is a Chinese pastry, owned by Wan Yonfu. His passion for French desserts brought him to Paris, to the famous Lenôtre pastry school, where he trained. In 2012 he then opened his first business, in via Messina 23 (now the laboratory’s headquarters), and then moved to the current location where the desserts are for sale, but there is also the possibility of lingering in the bar area. Right here there is an inner room where inside a large aquarium there is a second pastry shop, smaller, where a team of Chinese pastry chefs delight customers by making beautiful cakes in cake design.

Confectionery products are made from Paris Dolci inspired by the French, Japanese and Chinese traditions, but attention is also paid to the latest trends in the field. The supply of the raw material is mainly Italian, except for the imported Japanese products (matcha tea, azuki and taro beans) and Korean (aloe). They also make wedding cakes and desserts on request. In the bar area many hot and cold tea-based drinks and fresh fruit, such as pomelo, mango, passion fruit, strawberry, peach, blueberry are then made. There are also matcha-flavored frappuccino and oreo, as well as yoghurt drinks. Finally, there is no lack of ice creams and the famous bubble tea (classic, jasmine, earl gray, cocoa, taro, matcha, honey jujube tea and strawberry bubble).

Parigi Dolci cookingwiththehamster
Panda chocolate mousse and Matcha cheesecake with azuki | © Cookingwiththehamster

© Cookingwiththehamster

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