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Connoisseurs of authentic Japanese cuisine know very well that the Japanese gastronomic choice consists of a very large variety of dishes, whose preparation is often long, elaborate and with a unique flavor. At Via Pietro Calvi 2, Nozomi restaurant is one of the emblems of authentic Japanese cuisine in Milan.

When it comes to Japanese culinary tradition, it’s easy to think about sushi and sashimi, and the range of options closes soon.

Nozomi does have a small variety of sushi and similar (uramaki and chirashi), but what makes this restaurant special is the great variety of dishes cooked and served according to tradition, much appreciated starting with the many Japanese customers. Among the most interesting proposals stand out the eggplant spread with grilled miso (nasu dengaku), the roasted bottarga with turnip (karasumi daikon) and the savory flan with shrimp and vegetables (chawanmushi). And speaking of tradition, one cannot fail to mention the delicious gyoza, the chicken meatballs in teriyaki sauce (tori no tsukune), the korokke, the tonkatsu but also the meat (beef fillet with soy sauce and vegetables, bacon sautéed with onion and ginger sauce, grilled chicken with ponzu sauce) and fish (grilled sea bream, salmon belly, sea bream or grilled salmon marinated with miso, grilled mackerel).

One of the fundamental characteristics of the sensitivity of the Rising Sun is without any doubt the attention and importance given to naturalistic elements. The environment of Nozomi is in fact essential, it has soft and relaxing colors. And this respect is also reserved for the ingredients used in the preparations. Nozomi’s cuisine is in fact seasonal, the dishes change with the seasons (in summer, for example, hiyashichuka cold pasta is offered), as well as the ingredients of main dishes (as in the case of tempura vegetables). This allows a very high quality and freshness level of the ingredients, which is one of the main peculiarities of Nozomi.

What makes Nozomi even more interesting is ramen: it’s really delicious here. The broth, expertly cooked, is perfectly mixed with the rest of the ingredients: it is no coincidence that the Japanese are eating ramen here. The proposed choice includes miso ramen, miso yasai ramen, shoyu ramen and tantamen. There is no shortage of soba and udon (in different preparations) and rice (ten don and teriyaki don). There is also the possibility to taste the nabemono: sukiyaki, shabu-shabu (cooked in broth konbu directly at the table) and uosuki (based on fish). The desserts are handmade: daifuku, matcha daifuku, shiratama zenzai, matcha ice cream, kurogoma ice cream and dorayaki. There is also a decent selection of sake (hot and cold), Japanese liqueurs and shochu. The Japanese staff is always attentive and helpful in recommending the best combination.

🌎 📍 Via Pietro Calvi 2, Milan 📞 02 7602 3197 💰 $$$

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Nozomi cookingwiththehamster
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Nozomi cookingwiththehamster
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