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Netflix: Korean movies

The best Korean movies available on Netflix.

20th Century Girl

20세기 소녀, Bang Woo-ri (2022)

Set in 1999, the protagonist is Na Bo-Ra is a high school student whose best friend, Yeon-du, has to leave for the States to undergo a major heart operation. The events of the two girls develop on the themes of love, friendship and death.

20th Century Girl cookingwiththehamster
20th Century Girl | ©

Tune in for Love

유열의 음악앨범, Jung Ji-woo (2019)

Set during the 1990s, the film reflects the 1997 crisis.

Hyun-woo, fresh out of juvenile detention, is hired at a bakery where Mi-soo works. A spark strikes between the two, despite their shyness. But when the boy returns to hang out with bad company, the two lose sight of each other and meet again years later; their love. However, love still has to wait, as Hyun-woo leaves for compulsory military service. The couple will have to face many unexpected events before they can be together.

Tune in for Love cookingwiththehamster
Tune in for Love | ©

Sweet & Sour

새콤달콤, Lee Gye-byeok (2021)

Hyuk is in the hospital because he has hepatitis B, nurse Da-eun takes care of him and the two become close. Once discharged, the boy manages to call Da-eun and the two meet at her house.

A film about relationships, about love put to the test by daily routine, stress and work. About romantic love that has to deal with reality.

Sweet & Sour cookingwiththehamster
Sweet & Sour | ©

Love and Leashes

모럴센스, Park Hyeon-jin (2022)

Ji-woo is very cold, especially in the sexual sphere, Ji-hoo instead has sexual preferences that to many may appear perverse: when she discovers his secret, the two reach an agreement.

Amore e guinzagli cookingwiththehamster
Amore e guinzagli | ©

High Society

상류사회, Byun Hyuk (2018)

The protagonist of this film is a couple: he is a professor at Seoul National University, she is deputy director and curator of a large art gallery. Both do everything to get back into the narrow circle of high society people.

High society cookingwiththehamster
High society | ©

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