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Mubi: Korean movies

The best Korean movies avalaible on Mubi.


혼자 사는 사람들, Hong Sung-eun (2021)

Jina works as a switchboard operator in a call center. She is very good and precise at her job but her solitary and grumpy character creates quite a few problems for her. She spends her time working or locked in her room, watching mukbang videos too while she eats lunch alone. Young Sujin's training will change her attitude.

Aloners cookingwiththehamster
Aloners | ©

Train to Busan

부산행, Yeon Sang-ho (2016)

Mythical cult of the zombie movie category: a virus that transforms people into the undead is rapidly expanding throughout South Korea, forcing the government to adopt very severe martial law.

On a Korea Train Express train the protagonists will have to do everything to survive, in a pressing crescendo of adrenaline and tension.

Train to Busan cookingwiththehamster
Train to Busan | ©

Peppermint candy

박하사탕, Lee Chang-dong (1999)

A dramatic movie about the suffering of a man: it begins in the spring of 1999 and continues backwards twenty years, retracing the stages that led him to his tragic end. A journey through time which is a metaphor for the collective memory of the entire country.

Interesting, in my opinion, is South Korea's faithful staging in the post-crisis period.

Peppermint candy cookingwiththehamster
Peppermint candy | ©


N.C. Heikin (2009) - documentary made by an American director

Kimjongilia is the flower named after the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

The documentary consists of several interviews with North Korean defectors, including artists and former soldiers, who talk about the escape from their country of origin, the miserable living conditions, the prison camps, the control of the masses and the terrible famine of the 90s.

Kimjongilia cookingwiththehamster
Kimjongilia | ©


버닝, Lee Chang-dong (2018)

Jong-su lives by doing odd jobs in Paju, dreaming of becoming a writer. One day he meets Hae-mi who lived in the same neighborhood as him when they were children: she is about to leave for Africa and asks him to take care of her cat.

Upon Hae-mi's return, Jong-su meets Ben, a charming and wealthy man. Jong-su, when he feels he has fallen in love, reveals it to Ben: from that day on he will no longer be able to track her down and a series of events will begin that will lead to a dramatic ending where the fight for love is actually a class struggle.

Burning L'amore brucia cookingwiththehamster
Burning - L'amore brucia | ©

Joint Security Area

공동경비구역 JSA, Park Chan-wook (2000)

Two North Korean soldiers are found dead in the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas. To avoid an escalation of a very tense situation, neutral investigator Sophie Jean is called in.

Joint Security Area cookingwiththehamster
Joint Security Area | ©

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