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Mubi: Chinese and Hong Kong movies

The best Chinese and Hong Kong movies available on Mubi.


Dead Pigs

海上浮城, Cathy Yan (2018)

A pig farmer, a saloon owner, a waiter, an expatriate architect and a rich girl collide as thousands of dead pigs float down the river towards a rapidly modernizing Shanghai.

Dead Pigs cookingwiththehamster
Dead Pigs | ©

Mountains May Depart

山河故人, Jia Zhangke (2015)

In Fenyang, 1999, Liangzi and Zhang both love Tao, the beauty of the city. She marries the wealthy Zhang and has a son named Dollar. In 2014 Tao is a divorced woman and Dollar emigrated to Australia together with her father. In 2025, Dollar no longer speaks Chinese and barely communicates with the now bankrupt Zhang. The only Chinese word he still remembers is his mother's name.

Mountains May Depart cookingwiththehamster
Mountains May Depart | ©

Better days

少年的你, Derek Tsang (2019)

In 2011, in Chongqing, student Chen Nian is a few weeks away from taking her college entrance exam. A friend of hers, tormented for months by her classmates, commits suicide in the schoolyard. A trauma which, together with her mother's debts, makes the protagonist the next target of bullying. While the police investigate the case, the girl relies on the protection of Liu Beishan, a young delinquent in the area.

Better days cookingwiththehamster
Better days | ©

House of Flying Daggers

十面埋伏, Zhang Yimou (2004)

Chinese cult movie, visually impressive and overwhelming.

Set in China in the year 859, during the Tang dynasty, a group of rebels known as the Flying Daggers reject the power of the emperor, who is guilty of the decadence and corruption of the country.

House of Flying Daggers cookingwiththehamster
House of Flying Daggers | ©


小武, Jia Zhangke (1997)

A pickpocket, now alone and without friends, seems to have found the love of his life in a China that is becoming a great economic power.

Fascinating because the director shows the country of the time in a very faithful way.

Pickpocket cookingwiththehamster
Pickpocket | ©


Heroes of the East

中華丈夫, Lau Kar Leung (1978)

After unintentionally insulting his Japanese bride's family, a Chinese kung fu master must save himself from dishonor. To regain his father-in-law's trust, he must fight seven skilled Japanese ninjas.

Heroes of the East cookingwiththehamster
Heroes of the East | ©

Clan of the White Lotus

Hung wen tin san po pai lien chiao, Lo Lieh (1980)

After the head of the White Lotus clan kills Hung Wen-ting's wife and brother, he decides to take revenge. With the help of his brother's widow, he learns acupuncture and embroidery to master a particular fighting technique and defeat the enemy.

Before donning Master Pai Mei's white wig in Kill Bill vol. 2, Gordon Liu played a determined student who learns a female fighting style to defeat an iconic enemy.

Clan of the White Lotus cookingwiththehamster
Clan of the White Lotus | ©

Intimate Confessions of a Chinese courtesan

愛奴, Chor Yuen (1972)

Ai Nu is sold to a brothel run by Chun Yi, who falls in love with her. The young woman becomes the most desired courtesan and climbs the pyramid of Chinese society, without stopping plotting her revenge.

Intimate Confessions of a Chinese courtesan cookingwiththehamster
Intimate Confessions of a Chinese courtesan | ©

All the crows in the world

天下乌鸦, Tang Yi (2021)

Short film starring eighteen-year-old Shengnan. Arriving at a cousin's party, the girl is surrounded by slimy middle-aged men. She decides to go away with the only one different, Jianguo, towards other entertainment.

All the crows in the world cookingwiththehamster
All the crows in the world | ©

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