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MU Paolo Sarpi (CLOSED)

With a very recent silent opening the "Mu family" is expanding. In Milan, after Mu dimsum and MU Corso Como, this is the turn of the place that was actually missing in the heart of China Town: MU Paolo Sarpi.

The restaurant is small, cozy and well-kept, the formula just as simple: for now only five dishes on the menu, all variations of the San Ji Bao.

It is a typical Shanghai street food dish that consists of a small dumpling, very similar to bao, steamed and passed on the hot-plate, very soft inside and deliciously crispy at the base. The filling can contain pork with spring onions and broth, sea bass with fermented vegetables and spicy sauce, chicken with fresh mushrooms and truffles, shrimp or spicy duck ragout.

All the preparations are fresh and made daily: on the first floor of the room there is in fact the cooking laboratory where the chefs prepare everything from scratch every morning, on the ground floor the chef cooks the San Ji Bao at the moment in the open kitchen.

Even the accompanying sauces are artisanal and it feels: oil with chilli pepper, vinegar and soy sauce.

To drink, soft drinks, Hong Kong milk tea, Milk Tea or mango and grapefruit smoothie with small tapioca pearls.

It is possible to have a quick meal on the spot or in the small terrace, otherwise you can go to make a takeaway order to eat elsewhere. The price? Very content.

San Ji Bao mu paolo sarpi Cookingwiththehamster
San Ji Bao | © Cookingwiththehamster
Mu Paolo Sarpi  Cookingwiththehamster
Mu Paolo Sarpi | © Cookingwiththehamster

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