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MU Corso Como (CLOSED)

Open since December 2019, this place is a microcosm of happiness. In fact, it is so small that it can accommodate no more than four people (and sitting very tight). However, it boasts an outdoor area in the center of Corso Como, where you can eat and drink in peace. It lends itself more to the takeaway formula.

Modern and trendy, MU Corso Como has been able to integrate immediately with the rest of the area, full of youth clubs and discos. Perfect for an Asian aperitif: in addition to Chinese food there is also an interesting cocktail list.

MU Corso Como is the latest addition to the "Mu family": Mu Fish in Nova Milanese, Mu Dim Su in Milan and Mu Bao in Turin are famous.

Designed by Shuili Zhou and family, it is managed by Giulia Dong, the perfect hostess: not only will she explain the menu to you with a smile, but she will also be able to advise you. The passion for what he does is truly palpable and will pamper you as if you were at home.

The menu, on the other hand, was designed by chef Kin Cheung and concerns traditional Hong Kong street food. The dishes are made in the Mu dimsum laboratory located in via Caretto, next to the restaurant, and then regenerated in the small room in Corso Como.

The proposals are better than the other and choosing is quite difficult: everything is extremely good and inviting!

It starts with appetizers (including fried squid rings, fried pork balls and glutinous rice dumplings with chicken and dried shrimp filling) and continues with rice bowls (seasoned with different types of meat and vegetables) and steamed dishes (steamed glutinous rice with chicken, mushrooms, Char siu, dried shrimp, quail egg yolk wrapped in lotus leaf, but also beef steaks on the bone steamed with onions).

We then move on to cheung fun, the rice cannelloni that I particularly love and here, in my opinion, they are among the best ever eaten. Don't miss the Char siu pork ones, as well as those stuffed with beef.

Finally there is the bao, the great classic loved by everyone. With chicken, fried cod or pork, it is always good. Try the one with taro cream (a Chinese tuber similar to the potato): Giulia has kindly offered it and I still thank you for this discovery. Warm and with a delicate flavor, something I had never tried before.

But you cannot try this fantastic street food without choosing a cocktail, made here by the barman Luca Santagostino. The drink list is very inviting and consists of six exclusive cocktails, available in the evening at aperitif time. There are also some classics for those who are faithful to the more traditional tastes, but also different qualities of tea and wines.

Mu corso como cookingwiththehamster
Cheung fun with Char siu pork | © Cookingwiththehamster
Mu corso como cookingwiththehamster
Cheung fun with beef | © Cookingwiththehamster
Mu corso como cookingwiththehamster
Bao burger with fried chicken and salad seasoned with chef's sauces | © Cookingwiththehamster
Mu corso como cookingwiththehamster
Bao burger with fried chicken and salad seasoned with chef's sauces | © Cookingwiththehamster
Bao filled with taro cream | © Cookingwiththehamster


📍 Corso Como 9, Milan

📞 327 136 3837

💰 $$

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