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Mr. Pie

Keeping up with all the new openings in China Town means going there at least once a week. This is in fact what I do, not only to stay updated but also to taste and discover delicious preparations every time. So I find myself talking to you about Mr. Pie, that appeared quietly in 2019. Few have noticed it, since Instagram fashion wants only baozi and dumplings to be eaten. Going against the trend of the moment, I point out to you this recent opening which proposes the vulgarly defined "Chinese piadina", or cong you bing.

To attract me, besides obviously the preparations, the wording on the menu billboard: "Hand-made, traditional taste, eat the products, to discover the Chinese culture".

I had already written enthusiastically about the Chinese piada in the article of Trattoria Hu (located a few steps from Mr. Pie), the only one in all Milan (that I know of) to offer it. Now Mr. Pie also prepares it, thankfully!

This is not a restaurant, but a small showcase overlooking the main street that sells almost exclusively these wraps, a preparation very common in China and which is one of the main street food choices appreciated throughout the country.

The piada, kept warm, is sold in pieces (vegetarian with eggs or flavored with tomato) or whole (piadina Jinyun with pork, canned vegetables, caramel and sesame or simply pork). It is soft and fragrant, very tasty and not too large. Perfect to eat while walking without getting too heavy.

Then there are the savory shortbread biscuits (with dried vegetables, pork and sesame, or beef or with chives and vegetables). The small menu also offers a thousand leaves with vegetables, oil and spring onions.

Mr. Pie also offers a lot of choise in beverage, in fact there are numerous 100% extracts, smoothies and milk shakes with fresh fruit as well as gift fruit baskets, fruit with yoghurt or cream, all at a very paltry price.

Mr. Pie cookingwiththehamster
Piadina Jinyun | © Cookingwiththehamster
Mr. Pie cookingwiththehamster
Mr. Pie | © Cookingwiththehamster
Mr. Pie cookingwiththehamster
Mr. Pie | © Cookingwiththehamster

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