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Mood Market

Via Paolo Sarpi in Milan is a kaleidoscope of oriental colors and flavors. There are many shops where you can buy products to make oriental dishes at home, but if you are not practical you risk making wrong purchases or not buying anything, because you do not understand what you have in front of you.

On December 23, 2018 at 41 Via Sarpi opened Mood Market. I had a chat with Angela to find out more about what soon became one of my favorite Asian supermarkets.

She tells me that Mood Market is the last opening of a gastronomic business after Mao Hunan, Maoji and Mini Maoji. The decision to open a supermarket was made for a specific purpose: to meet the culinary needs and desires of customers.

When customers come to our premises, they ask where we got the ingredients. Many of them want to try to cook oriental at home but do not know what to take and in which supermarket to go. So, we discovered that there are many curious Milanese people, who want to try Asian products.

Mood Market is a modern, bright supermarket with large windows and light wood architecture. Here you can find all kinds of Asian gastronomic products (mainly Japanese, Korean and Chinese): from various types of noodles to the most disparate alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, fresh vegetables to cook, gluten-free foods, kitchenware, sweets and snacks, lots of tea, frozen and pre-cooked foods, household products.

Even the Mao Tse-tung dishes and cups by Mao Hunan and Maoji. There are also Korean and Japanese body and skin care products of the highest quality, even organic. There is also a fresh counter where you can buy ready-to-eat foods and handmade dumplings to cook at home. Impossible to mess up: each product is marked by a card in Italian and the staff is always kind and helpful to clarify any doubts.

There is also a café where you can order bubble-tea and also stop for a snack with one of the many teas with a light and delicate taste.

Mood Market’s bar is growing. We are experimenting with many recipes with Asian products, such as wasabi and ginseng. Soon it will become a real Chinese bar.

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🌎 📍 Via Paolo Sarpi 41, Milan 📞 333 431 8157 💰 $$

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