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Mi-Ramen bistro

Mi-Ramen bistro is a ramen bar that has two locations in Milan: the main one in Piazza Napoli 21, and the smallest is the Viale col di Lana 15. Although the menus are almost the same, each has its own character.

I have been to Mi-Ramen bistro many times, especially the one in Viale col di Lana. Very small, you sit tight on stools. You eat quickly making noise and you go away immediately to make room for other customers (as well as in Japan). Only one cook in the open kitchen and a Chinese girl in the dining room, very kind and fast. In Piazza Napoli the music is different: more space, more light, more relaxation. But if I had to choose which one I found better, I would opt for the first one absolutely.

As is known, ramen, very famous and very good Japanese preparation, is of Chinese origin. I was intrigued by the Japanese ramen prepared by Chinese guys, great lovers of Japanese cuisine. I wanted to deepen the topic by talking about it directly with the property: Mi-Ramen bistro was born from an idea of ​​the very young Haibin Yao (class 1988) and Gioia Jin (from 1990, takes care of the kitchen). Both have traveled extensively to study Japanese ramen, where this dish has been most applauded (especially Tokyo and Paris) and then replicated and proposed in Italy. In 2016 they opened their first ramen bar.

The menu features nine ramen recipes, all made with fresh handmade noodles: lan ramen (with beef carpaccio) and the deluxe version, tonkotsu ramen and its deluxe version — in both recipes the broth is boiled for over twelve hours, as usual, spicy miso ramen and the deluxe version, shoyu ramen (with prawn balls), chashu shoyu ramen and vegan miso ramen, also in a spicy version. To the various ramen it is possible to add extra toppings: kakuni, roast pork, prawn balls, beef carpaccio, egg, seaweed, bamboo, tofu, corn or shiitake mushrooms. In Viale col di Lana there is also the shrimp wonton soup and the kakuni don. Numerous appetizers have also been included to make it a fusion ramen bar: kakuni bao (with braised pork and marinated vegetables), shrimps bao, shrimp bundle, tempura chikuwa (fish paste cylinder with sweet cheese and seaweed), nam rolls (with chicken , salad, mint and bean sprouts), gyoza and vegan gyoza, edamame, wanton, beef dumplings and shrimp salad. The dessert menu includes green tea tiramisu, oshiruco (azuki beans with green tea ice cream), mochi ice cream (with green tea, mango and sesame), dark chocolate mousse, while soft drinks and wine can be ordered to drink, tea (green or jasmine), ginger or plum liqueur and shochu. In Viale Col di Lana there is a small selection of sake.

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🌎 📍 Piazza Napoli 21, Milan 📞 375 614 8902 📍 Viale Col di Lana 15, Milan 📞 339 232 2656 💰 $$

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