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Mini Maoji

A few steps from the Darsena there is Mini Maoji, located in Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 6. Very small and rustic, the right place to enjoy Chinese street food quickly or to take home.

The third arrival of the “Hunan family”, Mini Maoji is the most concentrated and immediate catering offer. Milan has learned to appreciate Hunan cuisine thanks to the famous Mao Hunan, Maoji and the most recent Asian supermarket Mood Market.

In 2018, at Navigli an even faster formula opens, essentially born as a self service. Mini Maoji is really small and works mainly with home deliveries, but it is also possible to eat on the spot: in fact there are chairs and tables and in the summer season it is possible to eat outdoors. As you can imagine, the cuisine is Hunan, spicy and very tasty. Here, however, the main dish is the bao, a famous steamed stuffed bun originally from northern China and widespread throughout Asia, even with different names. Although it is common in China to eat it for breakfast, here you can eat it for lunch and dinner.

The menu presents bao with different fillings: tofu, Chinese mushrooms, peanuts and coriander; duck and Pekingese sauce, cucumber and leek; aubergines sautéed with soy sauce, peanuts, pak choi and coriander; tempura shrimps, lettuce and house sauce; braised bacon, pak choi and peanuts; sautéed beef with onions, ginger and sake; fried spicy chicken, lettuce and teriyaki sauce; frayed pork, caramelized onion and peanuts; braised tripe, Sichuan sauce and coriander; frayed beef, hazelnuts, coriander and herb sauce; creamed cod, coriander and lettuce. There are also reduced portions of dishes already offered in the other restaurants mentioned above: grilled aubergines, crow’s feet, grilled cauliflower, beef, tofu from the house, marinated Chinese algae, Yansu fried chicken, spicy potato chips, prawn rolls, eight-spice chicken, squid rings, onion rings, skewers (of bacon, lamb, beef), bacon and mushroom bomblets, Maoji buns and of course dumplings made strictly by hand (prawns, duck, pork, edamame , chicken). Takoyaki, a typical street food of Osaka, Japan, also come to mind. As for the beverage, you can order beer, tea, soy milk and soft drinks.

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