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Matcha Cappuccino

Matcha Cappuccino is a very popular recipe among Japanese matcha green tea lovers. For some time now, thanks to social networks, many fans have delighted in video recipes, making this cappuccino truly famous and super sought after. Making it is really easy, much more if you have a milk frother (any electric whisk is fine, even cheap). You can also use the type of milk you prefer (I used soy milk). To get a nice bright green, you need to get some ceremonial matcha tea. INGREDIENTS -1/2 cup of milk - 1 1/2 teaspoon of ceremonial matcha - 1 tablespoon of hot (but not boiling) water

PREPARATION - Whip the matcha with the hot water directly into the cup where the cappuccino will be served if you are using the chasen (bamboo whisk) or the whipping milk frother. - Heat the milk, without bringing it to a boil. Mount it. - Pour the milk into the cup with the matcha mounted in turn. - Sprinkle with matcha to taste, if desired. To serve.

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