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La teiera eclettica

A few steps from Porta Venezia, in Via Melzo 30, there is La teiera eclettica: a cozy corner of peace and harmony for tea lovers in the chaos of Corso Buenos Aires.

It was a very long time since I wanted to enjoy some excellent tea with friends, and thanks to Lavinia I discovered La teiera eclettica, a shop and tearoom with a really impressive choice of products.

The owner is Barbara, a very kind and helpful lady who, together with her husband, advises customers on the basis of their taste in an incredible range of choices that includes over 300 different qualities of products. And the list is still expanding! Barbara’s passion for tea originated in San Francisco when she attended a Japanese green tea ceremony at Golden Gate Park. Since then she has participated in many seminars, courses and tastings to learn and stay up to date, traveling continuously in search of plantations and rare qualities. All this led Barbara to leave her previous job by starting her own business and opening her first store on May 6, 2005 in Piazzale Bacone. In 2013 the store was moved to Via Melzo and then the customer room was opened where it was possible to taste tea. From 2017 the online site is active, where you can also buy lots of products in the store — not only tea but also lots of beautiful accessories including cups and teapots. Since the opening at the store events and seminars have been organized for anyone wishing to discover or deepen this theme.

Tea is a drink known to all and that unites all the peoples of the Earth. It is part of the everyday life of many of us but not everyone knows its types and qualities. At La teiera eclettica you can find high quality teas and infusions from China, Japan, Korea, Sri Lanka, Africa, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Nepal. The owners turn to French and German distributors and the desserts (all handmade) are prepared with Italian ingredients. The menu is a real tome. If it is difficult to disentangle yourself in such a wide choice, there is no problem: Barbara is fully available to customers and will be able to find the taste that suits you best. At the tea room, quiet and gathering, it is therefore possible to relax while sipping excellent tea prepared strictly at the time: preparation is something fundamental and essential, here the maximum attention is paid to the temperature of infusion and the quality of the water, always oligomineral and with low fixed residue, with a right amount of mineral salts. Teas can be ordered both hot and cold, but will be served without honey, sugar, milk or lemon, to be enjoyed in a completely natural way.

As already amply underlined, the choice is vast. There are the natural single origin flavors (white, yellow, green), special Japanese green teas (available in limited quantities and only at certain times), matcha tea (prepared according to Japanese tradition), oolong teas, blacks and post- fermented. There are also the most sought after blends: Earl Gray, floral, fruity, sweet, spicy, intriguing teas; the Mariage Frères collection (famous Parisian maison), infusions based on roobois, infusions of flowers and fruits, herbal teas. And still fruity matcha tea, tea with almond milk, masala-chai and cocktail with tea. There is no lack of toast and sweets: biscuits, gluten-free biscuits, sweet or savory muffins, cakes and “smoked” bread petals.

© Cookingwiththehamster

La teiera eclettica cookingwiththehamster
© Cookingwiththehamster

🌎 📍 Via Melzo 30, Milan 📞 02 2941 9101 💰 $$

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