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La collina d’oro

The imposing rise of the passion for food blogging on Instagram means that thanks to the acquaintances of mutual friends you discover treasures of your own city. This is in fact the case of La collino d’oro, located in Via Rubens 24, recommended to me by Simone.

Historic Chinese restaurant with a strong visual impact with a varied menu to discover.

It was 1982 when Mr. Shang opened the Chinese restaurant La collina d’oro. Yesterday like today, the quality of the ingredients is in the first place. It is no coincidence that since the beginning the clientele has always been plentiful, to the point of becoming habitual — even today, what strikes us once we cross the threshold is the great sense of familiarity and sociability. Among the many there was also the famous Milanese architect and designer Alessandro Mendini. It was to him that Ting Shang, the owner’s son, turned to him for the renewal of the premises on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the same. Ting, at the time a student at Bocconi University, always fond of photography and art, was the first Chinese restaurateur to have had the idea of ​​combining traditional Chinese cuisine with the lightness of Japanese and Thai cuisine in an environment completely design. His goal was immediately to distance himself from the exotic minimalism typical of the majority of Milanese fusion restaurants. After planning for a year and four months of work, the design of La collina d’oro has been completely transformed. The project has distanced itself from any Chinese interior style bias, fully embracing contemporary art. The Atelier Mendini, author of the restyling, wanted to create a decidedly modern environment: design lamps, fluorescent colors, tables and chairs with different shapes, screen-printed glass. A place with a very strong visual impact where the customer can have a complete experience that goes from food to contemplation of the photographic exhibitions that take place here. Today the Shang family is half Chinese and half Italian. Massimo Shang acts as an excellent host, directs the room with great professionalism. Attention to the customer is, to say the least, maniacal, as is that given to the freshness of the ingredients. These are the fundamental characteristics, because at The Golden Hill dinner is a bit like in a contemporary museum with the relaxation of being with the family.

The menu is very wide and the proposals concern a careful selection of the greatest gastronomic traditions of the Far East.

The menu opens with appetizers, including the excellence of this restaurant, Dim Sum: to underline absolutely the fact that these preparations are carried out on the spot, including steam cooking, by a cook in a visible position.

Then follow the salads and soups (there is also Tom Yam Kung).

The choice of sushi is also important; there is the possibility to choose between the sushi sashimi plateau or the chef's selections. There are sake don, chirashi, tekka don, sake ikura don, temaki, gunkan, hosomaki and uramaki.

There is no lack of dishes based on fillet of chicken, pork and of course fish and shellfish. It continues with rice and noodles, Chinese rice dumplings and Pad Thai Kung.

Finally, there is a selection of courses for vegetarians.

In general the quality is taken care of, the same cannot be said of the presentation of all the dishes presented. The bill is slightly high, in my opinion. I don't know if I would go back, but I don't feel bad about this restaurant anyway.

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🌎 📍 Via Rubens 24, Milan 📞 02 404 3148 💰 $$$

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