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Kimchi fried rice

Kimchi fried rice, also known as kimchi-bokkeum-bap (김치볶음밥), it is one of the most popular dishes in South Korean gastronomy. Made in a very simple way, it is easily replicated at home and is one of the most common meals in Korea. To the basic ingredients listed in this recipe, it is also possible to add other types of vegetables or spam, pressed meat in a tin.


- 1 portion of steamed rice (better to use the one left over from the day before)

- 1 finely chopped spring onion (divide the white part from the green one)

- kimchi with its liquid

- 1 egg

- 1 tablespoon of gochugaru

- vegetable oil

- toasted sesame oil

- 2 or 3 tablespoons of soy sauce

- Sesame seeds

- toasted gim seaweed (or nori seaweed)


- Fry the white part of the spring onion in a pan with vegetable oil. Add the kimchi with its liquid and fry. Add sugar, soy sauce, gochugaru and toasted sesame oil.

- Add the steamed rice and fry well.

- Prepare the fried egg.

- Plate up: arrange the fried rice with the fried egg on top, sprinkle with sesame seeds and the green part of the spring onion.

- Garnish with strips of toasted gim seaweed: just pass the gim seaweed quickly over the hot stove, being careful not to burn yourself.

Kimchi fried rice recipe Cookingwiththehamster
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