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Katsudon (カ ツ 丼) is a famous dish of Japanese cuisine, one of the best known and most consumed donburi.

It is a very substantial preparation, so much so that in Japan, among other things, it is traditional to consume it before an exam - katsu remembers 勝 つ or "to win".

If you like Japanese pork cutlet then I suggest you also try tonkatsu and katsu sando.


- 1 portion of steamed rice

- 1 slice of pork (loin or fillet) at least 2 cm thick

- 2 tablespoons of flour

- 3 tablespoons of panko (here to make it at home)

- 1 whole egg + 1/2 egg

- fry oil

- salt

- 3 spoons of water

- 1 tablespoon of mirin

- 1 tablespoon of soy sauce

- 1 sachet of granulated dashi broth (or the same amount of fresh dashi)

- 1/2 white onion cut into coarse slices

- 1 finely chopped onion (only the green part)


- Make small diagonal cuts on both sides of the meat, salt to taste.

- Flour the meat on both sides. Put the slice of meat in a bowl with 1/2 beaten egg and finally bread the meat with panko.

- Heat abundant frying oil in a deep saucepan. Cook the cutlet so that it turns golden on both sides. Once completely cooked, remove from the pots and leave to rest on kitchen paper to remove excess oil. Then cut into 1.5 cm slices and set aside.

- Pour water, mirin, soy sauce, granular dashi and onion into a small pan. Bring to a boil, lower the heat and cover. Cook for at least 3 minutes.

- Remove the lid, pour the cutlet and the slightly beaten egg into the pan. Cover again and cook over low heat for exactly 40 seconds.

- Put the steamed rice in the serving bowl, pour the cutlet with the egg and the cooking juices over it with the help of a spatula. Garnish with the spring onion and serve immediately.

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