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Japanese New Year's Eve dinner / 2020

New Year's Eve is certainly one of the most important and heartfelt holidays in Japan: contrary to what happens in the West, in the land of the Rising Sun families gather for dinner and then go to the temple to pray to the tolling of the bell while awaiting the new year.

New Year's Eve is therefore as important to the Japanese as Christmas is to us.

The New Year's dinner is characterized by a series of courses, each of which is charged with a certain meaning. Elegant lacquer bento boxes are usually filled, which takes a long time to make.

In Milan, some Japanese restaurants have decided to organize menus and dishes to celebrate this happy event, thus giving the opportunity to all those who have not been able to go to Japan this year to try the taste of tradition.

Obviously, all the proposals included here are to be understood in take away or delivery mode, in accordance with the dpcm currently in force.

Basara sushi pasticceria

Here to book

Box Capodanno, 150

Basara sushi pasticceria Cookingwiththehamster
Basara sushi pasticceria


Here to book

Menù Osechi, 300

Oasi giapponese

To book:

  • email: oasimilano

  • Whatsapp: +39 3467290734

Menù Osechi, 100€ for one person, 200€ for three people.é sushiteca

Here to book.é sushiteca Cookingwiththehamsteré sushitecaé sushiteca Cookingwiththehamsteré sushiteca


To book:

  • telefono: +39 02 29060678

  • Whatsapp: +39 331-1059517

Menù sushi e sashimi mix + special bento box

Osaka cookingwiththehamster

Tomoyoshi Endo

To book:

  • telefono: +39 02 6698 6117

New Year's eve menù in bento box:

  • Sashimi speciale (60€)

  • Piattone sushi speciale (80€)

  • Antipasto misto (20€)

Tomoyoshi Endo cookingwiththehamster
Sashimi speciale | Tomoyoshi Endo
Tomoyoshi Endo cookingwiththehamster
Piattone sushi speciale | Tomoyoshi Endo
Tomoyoshi Endo cookingwiththehamster
Antipasto misto | Tomoyoshi Endo

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