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Japanese curry rice - Karee raisu

Japanese curry rice, called karee raisu (カ レ ー ラ イ ス), is one of the most popular and consumed dishes in all of Japan. You can find it in many places, they even serve it in school canteens and it is very easy to prepare at home thanks to special "nuts" called roux to dissolve in the mixture, which contain the thickener (cornstarch) and all the aromas. Sold in different shades of spiciness (sweet, medium, spicy), these nuts are the fundamental ingredient for the success of this famous dish. Japanese people often mix different qualities of curry in order to have a more refined flavor.

For your curry you can only use vegetables for a vegetarian dish (the inevitable potatoes, carrots and onions), otherwise you can add your choice of pork belly, chicken or beef.


- steamed rice

- 1 slice bacon (optional)

- 1 carrot

- 1 potato

- 1 courgette

- 1/2 onion

- 1 grated apple wedge (to make the curry sweeter, otherwise it is optional)

- hot water

- 3 pieces of Japanese curry roux

- vegetable oil


- Cut the bacon into slices.

- Cut the onion into not too thin slices and the vegetables into chunks.

- Pour some vegetable oil into a saucepan with high sides and brown the bacon.

- Add all the vegetables and brown. Cover everything with hot water, cover with a lid and cook over medium heat for 15 minutes.

- Remove the lid and add the roux (calculate 1 and a half cubes each) and the apple. Continue cooking, stirring until the mixture is as thick as you like.

- Serve with steamed rice.



- 30 gr flour

- 1 tablespoon curry powder

- 40 g of butter

- 1 tablespoon of garam masala

- 2 tablespoons of pepper (optional)


- Melt the butter in a saucepan.

- Add the flour and mix avoiding the creation of lumps. Form the roux, cooking the mixture for about ten minutes on a low flame.

- When the roux has gone dark, add the rest of the ingredients, stirring constantly. Season with salt.

Curry rice recipe Cookingwiththehamster
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