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Italian documentaries on Japan in the 90s and 00s

As you know very well by now, Japan in the 90s and 00s is the one I'm most attached to. Perhaps because it is the period that I remember vividly from childhood and adolescence, as something that only liked me and was not at all fashionable (indeed!), In fact I have a special attachment so much that many have talked about it articles, such as my favorite anime, controversial films, and most importantly, fashion (first, second and third part).

Over time, numerous documentaries have been produced that have made it possible to learn more about Japan and its customs (documentaries on Japanese food are many, as well as films and series), most of which were made abroad. However, I have a tender and romantic memory of some Italian productions (few, actually) concerning Japan of the 90s and 00s: documentaries in which all the amazement for a country light years away, futuristic, extremely expensive and eccentric, shines through. imaginative world (albeit in reality bent by a terrible financial crisis) that made me dream and that, in those days, made me think of being a place so unreachable that perhaps I would never have been there. Fortunately, I went to Japan and what I found was even more beautiful than I imagined.

These Italian documentaries still exist online: with this article I am pleased to let you discover them. Those of you who are reading me and were born in the 80s will remember well those atmospheres and that sense of wonder that permeated everything. So I hope to make you smile and make you relive those moments of dreams and plans for the future!



Watch it here.

La Pina, famous radio and television presenter, wanders around Tokyo in the company of Diego in a mix of adventures full of curiosity, humor and good humor. With great irony and simplicity, the most disparate oddities of Japan in the early '00s and of a very distant culture still unknown to most Westerners are shown.

For the uninitiated, La Pina is also the author of two very kawaii books that I absolutely recommend: I love Tokyo and I love Japan.

Tokyo tamagochi

Turisti per caso (1999)

Watch it here.

In my opinion, this is the most iconic, unmissable and curious documentary of all. Seeing it with today's eyes will create a sense of immense amazement even in the youngest ones.

Blady and Roversi had the ability and the honor to show us the country of the impossible, with their sense of humor and all the amazement that was possible because yesterday, more than today, Japan was really a daydream!


883 (1999)

Watch it here.

The end of the 90s in Italy marked the greatest success of the Italian musical group 883: for the occasion Mediaset wanted to make a mini documentary in Tokyo presented by Max Pezzali. A gem of a past that unfortunately no longer exists.

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