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Fujita is a Japanese restaurant that opened not long ago at the Udine stop, an area definitely far from the center where honestly I hadn't yet gone on a gastronomic adventure.

The owners are also a couple in life: Tiziano, who manages the room, and the nice and smiling Kahori, originally from Hokkaido and chef of the restaurant.

The place looks a bit bare, with family photos near the cash desk, Japanese books on a shelf and a few paintings on the walls. An environment that, in my opinion, could be warmer, more refined and welcoming with some extra care.

I went to Fujita for a quick lunch: the menu is rather small (Japanese steak, gyudon, okonomiyaki and yakisoba or yakiudon - for some of these dishes a set is provided), in the evening there is the possibility of having an aperitif, while at dinner the menu is slightly enriched: yakitori and some donburi. As desserts on the menu you will find tofu cheesecake and matcha tea tiramisu.

I tried the vegetable harumaki (kindly offered by the house), the okonomiyaki, which I found normal, and the yakiudon, these very good.

Overall, the Fujita experience did not convince me: the dishes are all in all good and in the homemade style, but the price of each single course is really above average (I understand that everything is homemade but some dishes have a very low price. too expensive, such as gyoza). Added to this is a kind room service that should definitely be refined.

I would have expected a greater choice of Hokkaido dishes than those of Osaka, given the chef's origins. So I hope that in the future the card will be expanded with something specific and local.

📍 Via Ronchi 39, Milan

📞 02 8398 2225

💰 $$$

Fujita milano Cookingwiththehamster
Fujita | © Cookingwiththehamster

Fujita milano Cookingwiththehamster
Fujita | © Cookingwiththehamster

Fujita milano Cookingwiththehamster
Fujita | © Cookingwiththehamster

Harumaki fujita milano Cookingwiththehamster
Harumaki | © Cookingwiththehamster

Fujita okonomiyaki milano Cookingwiththehamster
Okonomiyaki | © Cookingwiththehamster

Fujita yakiudon milano Cookingwiththehamster
Yakiudon | © Cookingwiththehamster

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