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Do you want to know Asian cuisine with me?
Discover the shops where you can buy food, books,
cosmetics and much more?

Then join my tours and events!

Cookingwiththehamster is the first reality to organize events and thematic tours on Asia in Milan.


For years I have been collaborating with the major entrepreneurs in the gastronomic sector to make learn about cuisine, history and culture.
Each proposed menu is designed specifically for the occasion
and cannot be replicated.

Everything is designed for a unique experience!


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Chinese New Year

January 22, 2023

Dinner for the Chinese New Year 2022 year of the rabbit at the Chinese restaurant Jin Yong, in the heart of Chinatown.

Menu: special Grilled Dumplings, spring Rolls, steamed shrimp dumplings, baozi, hand-pulled noodles with house sauce, sautéed hand-pulled noodles, salt & pepper squid, shrimp with mushroom and bamboo, fire bowl with shrimp, bowl of fire with chinese cabbage, aubergines stuffed with the three treasures, sweets of glutinous rice


Tour in Chinatown with the Hamster
Christmas lunch in Japan

December 17, 2022

Tour of Asian shops in Chinatown (bakeries, groceries, housewares and cosmetics).

Izakaya-style lunch at Masayume.

The dishes were made by Filippo Caldarella and the Christmas cake by Daniela Durante.

Sake via Sake company.

Menu: nanban bao (buckwheat bao, nanban-style marinated fried chicken, special tartar sauce), Hokkaido miso ramen (miso tare, double broth, double chashu - belly and cup, corn, spring onion, marinated egg), Christmas cake cream and strawberries



YanBian dinner

May 9, 2022

Dinner to discover the YanBian cuisine, typical of the Korean ethnic group in China, at Jindalai restaurant.

Menu: Kimchi jeon, kimchi, bibimbap, rice with spicy bacon and vegetables, buddae jjigae (military base soup), seafood tteokbokki, kebabs (lamb, classic and marinated beef, chicken, mushrooms, cauliflower, sweet potatoes) , glutinous rice pancake with sugar


Tour in Chinatown with the Hamster

April 3, 2022

Tour to Asian shops in Chinatown (bakeries, grocery, housewares and cosmetics).

Lunch entirely dedicated to Sichuan cuisine at Xin Fu Ji restaurant.

Menu: veal salad with peanuts, chicken in peanut sauce, homemade Chinese flatbread, mixed dumplings, house crispy rice, sautéed hand-pulled lamian, fire bowl with squid, fire bowl with chicken, cumin beef, spicy green beans, heartless greens, sautéed eggplant

Sponsor: MediHeal


Chinese New Year

February 13, 2022

Dinner for the Chinese New Year 2022 year of the tiger at the Chinese restaurant Jin Yong, in the heart of Chinatown.

Menu: Special grilled dumplings, hand-pulled artisanal noodles with house sauce, stuffed eggplant, squid fire bowl, Wenzhou-style rice, spring roll, sautéed water spinach, assorted glutinous rice balls

Sponsor: S'LAB

X-mas dinner

December 19, 2021

A Christmas dinner in an izakaya, not in Japan but in Milan, exactly at Masayume.
For the occasion
Chikaya (Marco Munari) has created a special miso ramen dedicated to me.

Menu: edamame, karaage chicken, gyoza, special miso (paitan broth, corn, ajitama, chashu, sautéed vegetables)

Sponsor: Zen Market, Mediheal


Chinese-Italian lunch

December 12, 2021

Lunch at Lon Fon, historic restaurant and milestone of Chinese-Italian cuisine in Milan and Italy.

A gastronomic journey through the most popular dishes of this tradition and the best dishes of this family restaurant.

Menu: spring roll, prawn croutons, vegetable fritters, grilled meat dumplings, special water dumplings, steamed prawn dumplings, special "Sam" rice with meat and egg, crispy cockerel, pak choi, fried fruit

Sponsor: Mediheal


Japanese bistro dinner

October 14, 2021

Dinner at the bistro / wine shop  Antidoto, discovering the experimental cuisine of Japanese chef Kinuko Matsuda and the wine pairing selected by Luca Dradi.


Menu: takoyaki, gyoza, maki tuna (bluefin tuna, tempura avocado, Japanese mayonnaise sauce, almonds and pistachios, orange, anchovy paste, tobikko, yuzu), maki scampi (flamed raw scampi, tuna roe powder, truffle , ponzu, tempura pumpkin flower, yuzu pulp, cucumber), maki beef (Fassona and Scottona meat, toasted almonds, green sauce, kizami wasabi), oshizushi takana and unagi, mochi ice cream 

Sponsor: Mediheal



October 13, 2021

Event organized at the K-beauty Soul4Skin store
on the occasion of the two years

since the opening of the shop.

cookingwiththehamster eventi

Tour in Chinatown with the Hamster

October 16, 2021

Tour for Asian shops in Milan (patisseries, food, household and cosmetics).

Lunch at Ginmi to discover the real traditional Korean cuisine- for the occasion the Dalgona Biscuit (from Squid Game) was made.

Menu: hot tofu salad and hwe (48h-aged turbot sashimi), geiuk giapce bokkum (pork in spicy sauce and dumplings), tteok mandu guk (rice dumpling and dumplings soup), banchan of the day with kimchi, yak shik, Dalgona ppop kki

Sponsor: Mediheal


X-mas Korean lunch

December 19, 2020

Despite Covid-19 it was possible to make a splendid traditional and authentic lunch in the first Korean restaurant opened in Milan, Ginmi.

Sponsor: Mediheal

Omakase dinner

October 25, 2020

A unique and unforgettable dinner created by the master Ichikawa at the restaurant that bears his surname, an essential point of reference in Milan.
A gastronomic journey into authentic
Japanese cuisine with the starred touch of the celebrity chef.

Sponsor: Mediheal

Tour in Chinatown with the Hamster

October 10, 2020

A tour of China Town among its hidden shops for a day of shopping
themed Japan, China and Korea.
Lunch at
Little Lamb to discover
the authentic Chinese hot pot.

Schermata 2021-11-08 alle 09.50.48.png

Sichuan dinner

September 26, 2020

Dinner at Fan Wu restaurant, one of the institutions in Milan for the spicy and
refined cuisine of Sichuan. 
A long gastronomic journey to discover the specialties of the famous Chinese region.

Bento dinner

February 22, 2020

Dinner organized in the Japanese historical setting par excellence in Milan,
Tomoyoshi Endo.
For the occasion, chef Kato san has created a special and rich bento to discover all the nuances of the most authentic cuisine
of the Rising Sun.


Schermata 2021-11-08 alle 10.20.21.png

Chinese New Year

February 1, 2020

Dinner packaged by chef Lampo to discover the flavors of his hometown Chongqing, at  restaurant  Il gusto della nebbia.
An experience made up of original and authentic dishes, made with real spices
traditional products come directly from China.


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