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It’s been a long time since I wanted to try Dream and so I went there with my dear friend Nicole, since it was the first time for her too. We went at Piazza Otto Novembre 3, Milan. Korean staff welcomed us, it was a great start point. The restaurant is made up of a single minimal room with few seats. Near to the entrance, vessels used in the fermentation of kimchi.

We are immediately brought the menu, very wide with a varied and traditional choice. There is also a card for lunch sets. We’re very hungry, so we order several courses: delicious oojingeo deopbab (squid with kimchi and rice aside), bulgoghi bibimbap, dakgangjeong (fried chicken with honey, peanuts and soy) and classic tokppokki, plus a selection of banchan. We taste the various dishes, content with our choices. The meat is very soft and the flavors are very delicate. We take it really convenient, so we savor everything well and from the staff we do not receive any pressure, indeed. The rest of the menu features typical dishes such as mandu, kimbab, roasted meat, soups, noodles in both the hot and summer versions and even bingsu. There is no shortage of wines and soju.

Afterwards I have the pleasure of arguing with Angela, who explains the history of the restaurant. Dream opened its doors in May 2017 and is a family-run restaurant: in the room works the mother, while in the kitchen operate the father and son Moon Sangwon, who is the chef. She adds that the choice of the name “Dream” was made precisely because the current chef dreamed from an early age to become a cook and this desire has never changed over time. This word, however, in Korean also means “give” or “serve”: it is precisely the goal of the owners, give and serve something more than just a dish. And in fact the passion and the desire to explain the culture is really tangible. Their mission is to create a friendly environment for Italian customers, so that they feel comfortable with a kitchen so different from theirs. She also explains to me that they want to break down the barriers and preconceptions, concerning spiciness and strong smells, that many have on their kitchen, hoping to reach the highest quality standards: their project is to get to cook like the Koreans in America, where the level is the highest reached in a foreign country.

At Dream there is no dish that stands out above others: the cuisine you will find is based on the exact balance of rice, vegetables, meat and sauces, so that you distribute all the nutrients at best for a complete and balanced meal. Their strong point is definitely the artisanal preparation of the bases, such as sauces and sweets, with the constant warning to improve over time.

Dream cookingwiththehamster
Tokppokki | © Cookingwiththehamster
Dream cookingwiththehamster
Bulgoghi bibimbap | © Cookingwiththehamster
Dream cookingwiththehamster
Dakgangjeong | © Cookingwiththehamster
Dream cookingwiththehamster
Oojingeo deopbab | © Cookingwiththehamster

🌎 📍 Piazza Otto Novembre 3, Milan 📞 02 3669 7986 💰 $$

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