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Dongbei Food 东北小菜

In the heart of Chinatown there is a microscopic place called Dongbei Food 东北小菜 specialized, needless to say, in the cuisine of Dongbei, the Chinese territory located in the north-east of the country between Manchuria and Inner Mongolia.

The place is minimal, without a bathroom, and with a small open kitchen. The menu is essential and offers some of the regional specialties in a rotisserie version.

Here I tried the savory vegetables: the kind owner prepared a mixed dish served cold with Chinese vegetables, bamboo and potatoes. Be careful with the latter because they are very spicy!

Then the boiled pig's feet: they are eaten with your hands, you will be given a plastic glove to grip them better. There isn't much meat, they are rich in cartilage.

But the dish that I appreciated most and that I recommend are the liangpi (large rice noodles), to which another type of pasta has been added, with a cold sauce of peanuts, chilli pepper, julienned cucumbers and tofu. Mouth-watering!

I recommend this place for a quick meal if you are in the area or for a take away. The price is negligible and you can feel the authenticity of China!

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Salted vegetables dongbei food cookingwiththehamster
Salted vegetables | © cookingwiththehamster

Boiled pork feet donbei food cookingwiththehamster
Boiled pork feet | © cookingwiththehamster

Liangpi dongbei food cookingwiththehamster
Liangpi | © cookingwiththehamster

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