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Cantonese fried rice

Cantonese fried rice is a version of sautéed Chinese rice best known and appreciated in the West, as well as one of the most common preparations of Chinese-Italian cuisine.


- 1 portion cooled steamed rice

- 1 beaten egg

- 1 portion of diced cooked ham

- 1 portion of cooked peas (I recommend those frozen and cooked in boiling water for a few minutes and not those pre-cooked in the tin)

- 2 tablespoons rice wine

- vegetable oil

- salt


- Heat the vegetable oil in a wok or pan. Pour in the egg and scramble it.

- Add the rice and the ham, continue stirring over high heat for a few minutes.

- Deglaze well with the rice wine.

- Add the peas and salt, continuing to mix.

Cantonese fried rice recipe cookingwiththehamster
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