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Bento Sushi (CLOSED)

For many years Bento Sushi has been a point of reference for a very specific clientele, many Italians (most of the jet set) and many social influencers: open since 2004, this restaurant has been able to establish itself in Milan for the proposed fusion sushi and a chic environment with a soft atmosphere. In fact, the imposing restructuring of 2016 was substantial which made it aesthetically very attractive, almost in New York style. Walking through Corso Garibaldi I think many of you have noticed this place with huge windows and a wooden counter.

In 2018, however, the closure with the promise of being a goodbye. Finally, with Covid-19, here is the idea of ​​relaunching Bento Sushi exclusively in delivery mode through Deliveroo, a trick that many Milanese restaurateurs are adopting (willy-nilly) precisely because of the sanitary measures imposed by the government.

The property of Bento Sushi is represented by the entrepreneurs and partners Antonio Scognamiglio and Tunde Pecsvari (at the head of the famous Macha Cafe and Osteria Brunello). To guide the kitchen Federico Comi (former chef of both Macha Cafe and Osteria Brunello) and Golam Sarwar, whose dishes have attracted many customers over the years who have become regulars.

The proposal of Bento Sushi is clear and direct: Japanese-inspired sushi revised in a contemporary and creative way, paying great attention to the raw material (fish has always been very fresh), an interesting wine list and artisan desserts. A mix, in short, that in Milan especially at the beginning of the millennium had great success and that has thrown the stylistic figure for all the years to come and that is inexorably running out - many people are pleased to discover the authentic tastes of Japanese cuisine and slowly they are declining the blatantly fusion proposal.

The takeaway sushi is clearly less good and fresh than the one eaten immediately in the restaurant.

The menu has remained wide and varied: tartare, nigiri, gunkan, seared fish, uramaki, temaki, sashimi (a very few) and the ubiquitous poke bowl. The offer also includes a few cocktails.

Honestly Bento Sushi today does not stand out for innovation, in fact this offer is comparable to that of many other places in Milan, without any difference. The price remains equally unchanged: always excessively high, in my opinion.

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