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Beauty products: my Amazon list

It happens practically every day to receive a message with a request for a beauty product, for body care and hair. As you know, I have been passionate about beauty routines since I was very young, as I started taking care of my skin very early - so much so that I have never sunbathed by the sea in my entire life!

Like many of you, you will surely know that I use Amazon Prime assiduously for my online purchases, also and above all for my daily beauty routine. After countless requests, I therefore decided to create, on my personal page, an Amazon "Beauty" list containing the products I usually buy and use.


COSRX Advanced Cream Snail 92 all-in-one

Simply the best face cream ever used. Contains snail slime.


The Face Shop - Cleansing oil

A really delicate and non-irritating make-up remover oil: just massage your face with a dose of product without using cotton or make-up remover pads to remove make-up, even in the eye area.


Shiseido Waso - Gel cleanser

It is a cleansing gel that turns into a soft foam when applied to the skin, without using water - it should only be rinsed to remove it. Contains honey and royal jelly.

The Face Shop - Foaming cleanser

After applying the oil-based make-up remover I always use a foaming cleanser. Applied with wet hands, a very small dose of this product is really enough (it will last you a long time!) to remove makeup residues from the face and carry out a further deep cleansing. Contains rice water and has a very good fragrance.


Mediheal - Essence gel

Mediheal is one of my all time favorite Korean skincare brands. These collagen eye patches are great for fighting dark marks, fatigue and red skin. I recommend keeping the package in the refrigerator to increase the deflating and soothing effect.


Mediheal - Collagen Impact essential mask

I've tried a myriad of Mediheal masks over the years - honestly, they're all portentous. Among all, however, I recommend these, in tissue, containing collagen and are excellent against skin aging.

Too Cool For School - Egg cream mask

During my last trip to Tokyo I was able to buy some products of this brand in Shin Okubo (Korea Town), needless to say that I had a great time!

These face masks are made of fabric and contain egg cream: they leave the skin plumped, rejuvenated and shrink pores.


Mediheal - A - zero shot

Did you suddenly get a boil that you just can't heal and hide? Don't worry: use these small patches on the affected area to disguise the imperfection, but also to heal it. You can also apply make-up on top of the patch.

The package is really full-bodied: it contains 80 patches!


Too Cool For School - Egg remedy hair pack

It is a super nourishing and thick mask based on egg cream, olive oil, honey and proteins, a real boost even for the most damaged and dry hair.


Comme des Garçons - Comme des Garçons 2

Not only is this brand among my favorites for what concerns clothing (I talked about it extensively in the in-depth analysis on the 80s and 90s), but also for perfumes. This is my absolute favorite to date.

Among the components: incense, magnolia, patchouli, amber, cedar wood, labdanum, ink and aldehydes.

(This article contains affiliate links)

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