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Asian Bistrot

The openings of increasingly interesting oriental restaurants in the Porta Venezia area follow one another at a fast pace. Asian Bistrot is one of these, perfect to try a large amount of Chinese dishes at a really fair price.

The idea behind the recipes of this place is to merge three regional Chinese cuisines together and interpret the preparations in a modern and lively way. The owners are originally from the Zheijiang region. To this type of cuisine they added the warmth and spiciness of Sichuan and the ancient tradition of dim sum, from Canton. As the owner in the dining room points out, they also wanted to add to the Chinese tradition what they learned growing up in Italy, that is the values ​​of hospitality and hospitality.

Once inside, it is the attention of the staff that strikes: fast, it guides customers in choosing the most appreciated dishes and knows how to be very discreet.

As is to be expected, the menu is very varied. Despite this, the quality of the raw materials used is really high. The ingredients are fresh and daily, so much so that if you ask for specialties not on the menu (especially based on vegetables) it is possible that you will not always find them.

We start with dim sum, of which you can order the mixed dish to try different ones, and the appetizers (including the delicious Sichuan dumplings in spicy sauce, cold beef with cucumbers, spicy chicken legs or tofu with egg centenary).

There is Chinese ramen made with handmade noodles, wonton soup, various Chinese noodles dishes, such as Dandan noodles, and rice dishes.

Do not miss the main dishes of the house: the bowls of fire. They are truly more inviting than the other: squid, prawns, cabbage with bacon, aubergines or the delicious bowl of chicken wings.

It will also be difficult to choose from the many meat specialties (including mapo tofu, baked pork ribs, sautéed beef with garlic sprouts, strips of sirloin in spicy broth and Sichuan pepper, lamb in terracotta, Peking duck), fish (among them, sea bass fillets in broth with pickled vegetables and Sichuan pepper, sautéed sea snails, turbot salt and pepper) and vegetables (sautéed cucumbers, potato julienne in sour cream, tomato sautéed with scrambled eggs).

The drinks list includes soft drinks, white and red wines, Chinese beer and tea. If you too like spicy, like us, order soy milk: the best Sichuan pepper remedy.

Asian bistrot cookingwiththehamster
© Cookingwiththehamster
Asian bistrot cookingwiththehamster
Sichuan dumplings in spicy sauce | © Cookingwiththehamster
Asian bistrot cookingwiththehamster
Bowl of chicken wings | © Cookingwiththehamster
Asian bistrot cookingwiththehamster
Spicy eggplants | © Cookingwiththehamster

📍 Via Lazzaro Palazzi 15, Milan

📞 02 2953 7358

💰 $$

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