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Rami is a very recent opening in the Porta Romana area. Specialized in ramen, this place wants to offer the famous oriental hot soup in a more modern and contaminated way. Federico, owner of the restaurant of Chinese origin, tells me about it.

He moved to Italy over fifteen years ago and has always worked in the restaurant business. He managed a sushi restaurant in Monza. Tired of that formula, he wanted to embark on a new journey in Milan by offering revisited Chinese ramen prepared with the highest quality ingredients: the meat is in fact of a high standard and the noodles are imported directly from Japan.

My idea is to propose a personal ramen recipe in an area of ​​Milan lacking in this type of preparation, the result of a study of the starting raw material but which also meets the taste of the Italians. But without abandoning the original recipe. It is not a simple job, everything starts from the broth. But here we do our best to make a quality product.

And in fact the quality of the broth is remarkable, clear but tasty, as well as the meat, element has left me really amazed. Soft, tasty, really good.

The menu as a whole caters to a wide category of customers, in fact there is something for all tastes (choice certainly dictated by the position in the area, probably to meet the lunch break needs of many workers): sautéed rice, noodles, gyoza (also in tasting version), poke and salads.

The starters include pork ribs, chicken karaage with spicy sauce, sesame and lime, beef tataki. There are also duck morsels with cucumber, to which I would have preferred the lacquered duck: the girl in sauce was very kind and brought her to the table as I desired, accompanied by fresh cucumbers à julienne. I was very impressed with the promptness and kindness of the staff, certainly a great note of merit.

Ramen is however the main dish of the house. The proposed recipes are: chicken ramen, beef ramen (with beef sirloin), seafood ramen (with sea bass fillet, grilled prawns, squid), ramen omelette, shirodashi (with sweet and sour pork ribs), duck ramen (with duck lacquered) and rami ramen (with beef sirloin and egg flavored with green tea).

The Chinese inspiration is clear but the Thai notes are clear, especially in the choice of wanting to add lime and coriander in some preparations - these ingredients bring the ramen here also proposed to the Vietnamese pho. In my opinion, a winning choice because the broth is even more particular and exotic.

The desserts are also very interesting (and it was kindly offered), served on a large plate to make the customer choose better, and are made by pastry chef Nicolò Moschella.

The price is slightly above the average of the ramen offered in more places in Milan, but it is certainly balanced by the high quality of the raw material and the careful processing. Dining at Rami is a pleasant experience, the staff is courteous and prepared. The environment is minimal but equally welcoming.

Rami Ramen cookingwiththehamster
Lacquered duck | © Cookingwiththehamster
Rami ramen cookingwiththehamster
Beef ramen | © Cookingwiththehamster
Rami ramen cookingwiththehamster
Shirodashi ramen | © Cookingwiththehamster
Rami ramen cookingwiththehamster
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