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Neta is a restaurant born from an idea of ​​the Italian owner Nicola and a chef who previously worked at Finger's: this partnership resulted in a Japanese fusion located in the Porta Venezia area.

Intrigued by the many positive opinions, I decided to try it for dinner. Unfortunately, my opinion is strongly negative.

The restaurant is small and dimly lit and overall not unpleasant. The chef works at the sushi counter, which actually looks more like a bar counter: here you can also order cocktails to accompany sushi. The atmosphere does not recall Japan in the least, but it seems one of the many bars of the Milanese nightlife.

The menu is essential, it offers a series of exotic appetizers, a list of nigiri, temaki and several uramaki, as well as some hot dishes (such as takoyaki, teriyaki salmon and udon).

I ask for some clarification on the dishes to the owner who is present at the restaurant, who cannot give me precise information as regards the sushi mix of the day and does not even bother to ask the chef the same questions, who for the rest of the dinner does not have showed attention to customers but worked tirelessly on the preparation of take-away. Furthermore, having ordered a bottle of sake, the waiter tacitly serves one of a different and smaller size and only in front of the question of the reason, he simply replies that the other one is not available. In general, the whole service was managed quickly, not very communicative and with an overall unpleasant attitude, despite the fact that the restaurant was practically empty.

The dishes were served very quickly, the dinner in fact lasted less than an hour. Among those tried: shrimps in gazpacho (which with gazpacho had nothing in common, lacking all the typical ingredients of the traditional recipe, with the exception of tomato water, too full of acidity), cirashi sushi (almost a poke, to say true) and mixed sushi (extremely seasoned, I dare say doped, with lime, truffle and other seasonings) and, finally, uramaki ebiten plus (made with clearly frozen tempura shrimp that immediately brought me back to the many all you can eat present in city).

Was the fish good and fresh? Who can say, the enormous amount of spices and added sauces does not allow us to understand it. In the generality of the dishes the quality of the rice was not excellent, the consistency denounced a too long cooking and the single pieces of sushi all tended to fall apart, despite a pleasantly choreographic presentation.

And to conclude the final bill it could be aligned more by the position, than by the quality and service offered. For me Neta is rejected.

Neta milano Cookingwiththehamster
Neta | © Cookingwiththehamster
Neta milano Cookingwiththehamster
Neta | © Cookingwiththehamster
Gazpacho shrimps neta Cookingwiththehamster
Gazpacho shrimps | © Cookingwiththehamster
Uramaki ebiten plus neta Cookingwiththehamster
Uramaki ebiten plus | © Cookingwiththehamster
Cirashi sushi neta Cookingwiththehamster
Cirashi sushi | © Cookingwiththehamster
Sushi neta Cookingwiththehamster
Sushi | © Cookingwiththehamster


📍 Via Piave 41, Milan

📞 02 3668 2024

💰 $$$$

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