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In the heart of Brera, in a slightly secluded corner in Via San Marco 34, there is a tiny corner of Korea: Bab.

Born initially as a takeaway, Bab opened its doors on 8 June 2012. The owners are both originally from Seoul: Jin (first interior designer and restaurateur after) and his wife Emma Song (former scenography student at the Pinacoteca di Brera, which later became a chef). Today Bab is presented as a place for just ten seats, all in wood, intimate and very well cared for. On the shelves on the walls there are Korean books to consult, while the counter shows the specialties that can be ordered, perfect for a light lunch or a quick snack.

The workhorse here is the kimbab: it is a maki roll stuffed with rice and other ingredients, typical of Korean cuisine. It is a dish that often families or groups of friends prepare in large quantities for picnics, excursions or to eat as a lunch break at school and at work. It should not be heated or cooled: it is perfect to eat around. Absolutely to underline the quality of the raw materials, all very fresh. The meat, for example, is of Piedmontese origin, while the eggs come from farmyards where the hens are bred in the earth. From Bab you can order kimbab with meat, tuna or vegetarian with vegetables only. For lunch it is also possible to compose a set by choosing a kimbab and adding various preparations including ramion — artisanal noodles (sautéed with meat, vegetarian, broth with fish and black soy), specialty of the house (seas — beef rolls, mandu , tok — rice dumplings, the latter really excellent), side dishes (kimchi, salad and gaji — aubergine in vinegar and soy sauce).

On evening for dinner you can also order bibimbab. All accompanied by excellent Korean tea, according to tradition, or by Korean sake. It would be a crime to leave Bab without having tasted the homemade ice cream, with sesame seeds or red beans. Finally, you can order Korean coffee (you can also buy it in bags on the spot).

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