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1212 Bubble Tea

Who said that only in China Town is it possible to sip an excellent Bubble Tea in a well-kept environment? In the heart of Buenos Aires there is 1212 Bubble Tea (second opening by Huangji Dessert), a nice little corner where you can drink something fresh and have a small snack, both sweet and savory.

The proposed choice is really wide. It starts with cake bubble tea (tea, egg, cream and milk) and super fruit tea (excellent and perfect for people like me, lactose intolerant). Then there are the cheese milk teas and cheese teas, the granita cheeses and many varieties of bubble tea (classic recipe) made with the most varied ingredients - among the most particular with herb jelly, green tea pudding and sago, while among those with a sweet tooth I recommend toffee, caramel, matcha and lavender. Here there are also frappuccinos, tea ice creams, fruit smoothies (also with jelly), centrifuges and juices.

As anticipated, it is also possible to eat here. The house specialties are Hong Kong desserts: yanzhiganglu, mango and coconut beans with red beans; sweet mango dumplings; coconut juice with mango and black rice; red bean cream with herb jelly and ice cream; Snow White ice cream; tapioca mango smoothie and Snow White ice cream with durian.

Among the many other desserts, the vase-shaped dessert stands out.

As for salty food, there are very interesting Chinese proposals (first of all the oriental piadina with different fillings), bento boxes and various Japanese recipes revisited, such as grilled meat and fish (teppanyaki), udon and takoyaki.

Lastly, the shop also makes home deliveries.

1212 Bubble Tea Huang Ji Cookingwiththehamster
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📍 Piazza Argentina 3, Milan

📞 393 108 0106

💰 $$

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